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    We've stayed at CSS for our 10th annivesary and loved everything about it. We are planning another trip but with friends this time, and are trying to determine which of the resorts has the best nightlife??? While we loved CSS, we don't feel that it is "lively" enough for the group we'll be traveling with this time. Any information would be greatly appreciated! We can't wait to return!!

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    We have been to CSS by ourselves for many years, and last year invited 4 other couples. All of us enjoy nightlife and I too was a little concerned CSS would not be their cup of tea. However everyone
    had a great time. With the Gala dancing, Baloon Bar sing a long, nightly entertainment at Ballon Bar, and after parties Tues & Fri. nights, that was plenty of entertainment for us. As a group you will make your own enterainment also. Just sitting at the Beach or Baloon bars is great. They all had such a good time we are going back next year.
    "Once you know."
    Steve & Victoria

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    We travel to CSS every year with 2 other couples and we say we bring the party with us, thats the great thing about being with friends.

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    We just got back from CSS and I have to say I am jealous of you guys that can stay up late for the entertainment at night. I'm 41, so not very young, but not totally over the hill, and I was wiped out by no later than 10 if not sooner. Then again, we tend to wake pretty early - around 6:30ish, so maybe the internal clocks need to be adjusted.

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    From my extensive reading of the boards, it seems as though CSA is best for nightlife.

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    When we were at CN it seemed to have a little bit more of a nightlife than when we were at CSS.

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    We found the best night life to be at CSA. They have a disco with theme music nights (i.e. reggae, 70's, etc.) plus a great sing-along around the piano with Ultimate Chocolate. None of the other Couples resorts can are quite as "lively", in our opinion.

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