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    Default Booked Garden Verandah, Is It Worth The Extra Money?

    We have booked a garden verandah suite for eight days and wonder if it is worth the extra money compared to a normal garden room. We like the garden rooms usually. I know that there will be a TV and mini bar but is there anything else worth paying the extra for?

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    Back in December we were forced to stay in a Garden Suite the first night of our week long stay. We were exhausted and fell asleep without much trouble even with at times cars whizzing by at NASCAR speeds with booming music. It was kinda strange not to have a wall going up to the ceiling separating the bedroom from the bathroom or to have the a/c running without any glass in the windows.

    When we moved to the Ocean Verandah suite we booked, we felt it was more brightly lite, had solid walls and window glass. The view wasn't much better than the Garden room's, but we weren't in the room much anyway. We rarely used the mini bar but was nice to have and the TV let us see what was happening in the world outside of paradise once in a while. If you can live without these amenities then no it's not worth the money.


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    I think the garden verandah suites are absolutely worth a little extra over the regualr garden room just for the better bathroom alone.
    Shari & James
    Members of the 4 for 4 club

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    The mini-bar totally made it worth it. We booked GVS because it was the cheapest room with a mini-bar. It's VERY nice to have in the room. You won't be sorry.

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    I thought there was glass in the windows of a GVS? Is that right there is a gap at the top of the bathroom wall!

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    Elaine you didn't read my answer correctly. The standard Garden Suite we stayed in didn't have any glass in the windows, just screens and wooden slats or a solid wall separating the bathroom. The Garden Verandah Suite (GVS)rooms DO have glass in the windows and solid walls in the bathroom. And I agree with Shari, the bathrooms are more up to date and nicer in the GVS.

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    Thanks Steve, well its worth it for the glass and the walls then!

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    Elaine - here is a picture inside an Atrium at CSA. The set up re the bathroom is the same as in the Garden Suites. The bathroom is behind the wall with the mirror on. You will notice that the wall does not go all the way up to the ceiling. We have never found it a problem. The Garden and Atruim Suites are in the original part of CSA which we far prefer - much quieter and less hotel like than the new section.
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    Which room is better is really subjective. We loved our Atrium Suite. It was magical and very romantic. We loved hanging out in our hammock in the late afternoons. Because of construction we were moved to an Ocean Verandah Suite half way through our trip and while it was considered an upgrade, we were disappointed. I will take the hammock and peace and tranquility of the older side over a minibar and TV any day.

    The windows with no glass work really well and are much better suited to the Jamaican climate then glassed in rooms. The room stayed cool when we ran the AC, and there was no mold or funny stuffy smell in the Atrium. We noticed a smell in the OVS, a wet smell. It wasn't overwhelming and not worth complaining about, but it was there. The windows fogged up and moisture accumulated at the bottom of the windows and sliding glass door.

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    Hi Thanks for the photo, I understand now about the gap in the wall! The reason I asked about is it worth the money is because we are paying an extra £368 for eight days to have a Verandah Suite, but then it is March so the most expensive time of year. This is through Virgin Holidays, not sure of the exchange rate at the moment but its a lot od dollars!

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    Elaine - if you've not already done so, join the Virgin Atlantic Flying Club (you can do it on line) that way you will start earning airmiles. Its amazing how they mount up - we will have enough for a free flight or upgrade next time we go to CSA. Also, once you have your Flying Club number, go back to Virgin Holidays and see if they will give you a discount because you are Flying club members. You may get lucky - the worst they can do is say "no". Good luck!

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    Hi Dawn, We are members of the Virgin Frequent Club and Flying Club so we got 10% discount. We are having an expensive 18 day holiday this year, in St Lucia for 10 days and CSA for 8 days, the reason is I am now in remission from Lymphoma and we didn't go last year so will relax for a bit!I like Virgin's Frequent Club and its nice to get a discount but at the moment they are offering 10% to everyone if they book online, a bit of a swizz if you are a member of the club as you don't really see any benefit.

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    Elaine, after such a traumatic time you deserve to relax for a bit! Have a wonderful time in St Lucia and at CSA. All the best.

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    I looked at the new photos of the rooms and yes, the GVS does look nicer than an ordinary Garden Suite! Thanks for your kind wishes Dawn, are you going back to CSA soon?

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    Elaine, we go to Couples alternate years. We're booked to go to Grenada in Feb 2010 and will be back to CSA in Feb 2011. Would love to go more often but there are so many other places in the world to see. However, so far nowhere beats CSA!

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    Thats the problem, we love the hotel in St Lucia and my husband really wanted to go back to Negril after we visited for a day, we were staying in Montego Bay at the time. So we are doing both, we haven't visited Grenada but have done a few islands.

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