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    Default How much shade on sunset beach

    Likely headed to sans souci in nov but I am fair skinned with sun related issues so when at the beach I need mostly to lounge in the shade on the beach preferably in a larger area such as would be provided by a tree . Prefer going to AN beach. I read on other posts that many arrive early to reserve their spot-- apparently also in the shade--seems less than friendly. Can any one advise --How much shade is there really on Sunset beach? Can I purchase or bring my own beach umbrella or mini tent for shade if there is insufficient shaded space provided. Although i dislike doing it is there a particular time by which you need to "reserve"a space in the shade

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    There is loads of shade on SSB. In all areas. Please don't fret about it. We went on 26th November last year and we never found any problems with getting shady, or sunny, spots. Of course, the areas change from sunny to shady, and vice versa, as the day goes on. I don't think we ever arrived earlier than 10 am so there is really no need to worry. Anyway, AN'ers aren't the grabby type. Respect at all times. One love!

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    There are several umbrellas on the pool deck as well as several thatched roof umbrellas and tall palm trees on the beach. Unless it's later in the afternoon/evening when the sun is low in the sky, shade is not really a problem at SSB. The chairs under the umbrellas on the pool deck usually go first, but if you're there by 10 - 11, you can usually find one. Typically you can always find chairs under the umbrellas on the beach regardless of the time of day.

    Enjoy your vacation. We will be on SSB in 7 days, 2 hours & 38 minutes.
    * Please forgive any errors that you might find in the above post. All errors are a direct result of (1) too many drinks (2) the missing brain cells caused by years of abusing these above referenced drinks (3) the iniability to spell or write anything without the use of spell check or (4) the complete lack of knowledge of proper english grammer and sentence structure.

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    Plenty of shade at SSB. Not need to reserve anything there....

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    There really is plenty of shade. You may not get a palipa or an umbrella at the pool, but there are palm trees that you can move under, or trees along the shore . I just returned, and the beach was pretty crowded, but most people like to be in the sun, and the shade spots do not get used until later in the afternoon. You will have plenty of time to get a nice shade spot under a tree somewhere if the palapas and umbrellas are taken.

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    We love SSB
    There are plenty of thatched palapias on the beach and umbrellas by the pool
    No matter what your skin type there is a place for you
    in the afternoon the swim up bar ia mostly in the shade
    go to SSB, it is amazing
    no need to arrive early
    no matter when you arrive there is a place for you
    if you come in the first week of July we will welcome you and your spouse


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    Thank you all for the info on shade at the beach. Very helpful. Sounds like it will work for us

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