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    Default CTI April 14 to 20 for our 15th anniversary.

    Would love to meet up with other people for excursions and the island. My wife is nervous about having too much fun!:-)

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    We're there 11-18 and will basically be living on the Island! We will gladly help you to have too much fun!

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    Great we'll see Ya there.

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    There will be a group of us, all repeaters, called the "April Amigos". The group began the year that CTI re-opened after renovations. We were all there one week after the new CTI re-opened.
    So now we are the Amigos and we welcome one and all to join us, on the island, for fun and games. Admission is free.
    We will be at CTI from April 7 thru the end of the month.
    For us, this will be our 33 visit to CTI. And we are still just as thrilled to be coming back every single time. We haven't been bored yet.

    See you all on the rock


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