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    Hello all!! We are preppin' for our trip in June and I was wondering if anyone has ever noticed what toiletries (if any) are for sale in the gift shop @ CTI... (ie.. toothpaste, razors etc.) We brought all of it with us last time so never even thought to look for future trips! Any space saved is a good thing! Thanks for the help!
    Tim N Stace
    63 sleeps!!!

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    Sorry no one has answered you yet. The Logo Shop (below the Verandah) has anything you may need. Just be aware the prices are sky high! I forgot deodorant a couple years ago and a small one was $12~

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    They have everything at the gift shop that you would need, might be a little expensive but your on vacation. Also they have jewerly, clothes (last year I bought a dress for the repeaters dinner), etc. It's really a nice shop. I'm referring to the gift shop not the logo shop (they have a nice selection at the logo shop also but it's t-shirts, shorts, etc.)

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