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    Default January CTI weather

    To begin with, I'd love to say THANKS, so much, to everyone who contributes to this Message Board! I've never been to Couples before, but I get the impression that everyone completely loves their experiences with the resorts, and wants to ensure that others enjoy it similarly!

    My fiance and I will be marrying at Couples Tower Isle on January 7th, 2013. The date marks our fourth year together as a couple, and Jamaica offered an environment that will be an excellent break from the chilly mountain winters in Virginia.

    However, I'm a little nervous about the weather. I've checked in to an almanac for the area, and it seems that, although its about 83-86 degrees during that time of the year, its fairly cloudy. What I've read from other reviews indicates that the constant cloud cover makes the pool and the ocean a little too chilly for comfort. And do the clouds typically block pretty sunsets?

    I'll be happy either way. I think the weather will feel balmy compared to the winter weather from our home state, and if there is a lot of cloud cover, I might not be terribly miserable in my wedding dress, and the clouds will act as a natural lighting diffuser for better wedding day pictures. I was just wondering if anyone has experienced Couples Tower Isle in early January specifically, and could tell us what type of weather to expect? Breezy, humid, sunny, cloudy, hazy...?

    Also, any advice from other brides about formal hairstyles and hair products that work with that type of weather?

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    Hi, My husband and I have been to TI 4 times... We renewed our vows there 4 1/2 years ago Jan. 10. The weather was fabulous.
    I suggest using the Bare Minerals makeup for foundation... I've been hooked ever since and the powder stayed really well in the heat.
    I got my hair done there.... the stylists are great!! the did a wonderful job.

    if you go to my Facebook page.. Laura Moench, you can see the pics.

    FYI My husband and I will be back to TI January 5-12, 2013 renewing our vows again for our 15th year!!

    The weather was great, it rained once a day for about 5 minutes and that was it.

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    We were married at CSA on Jan.9 back in 2008. The weather was beautiful for the two weeks we were there (before/after the wedding). We went to CTI late Dec. 2010 and the weather was a bit chilly at the start, and we had some clouds, but we only has one afternoon of rain. The second week (into Jan. 2011) at CSS was much better... warmer, sunnier.. and dry. So I wouldn't worry. Although there's always a chance of showers, that is not the rainy season. If you do get a bit of a chilly day it'll be nice for a wedding instead of sweltering heat. Congrats

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    Congratulations Sydney! I'm sorry we won't get to meet you....:-( we will be leaving CTI on Jan 5th but are really looking forward to ringing in the New Year NOT in the ice and cold and wind (Northern Michigan)

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    To both of you -

    Thank you for the replies! I'm so excited now for some sunshine. I was just a little worried it would be overcast and cool for our entire stay. And I enjoy short rain showers, so that will be something to look forward to as well. Did either of you bring a somewhat decorative umbrella in case it rained during wedding pictures? Would you recommend that?

    And Laura, I could only see your cover photo due to your security settings on Facebook, but your makeup looked really lovely, and your hair was so quintessentially bridal. So very pretty! Thanks for sharing! I've always been interested in trying the Bare Minerals makeup line, so I might go ahead and pick some up!

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    Hi again, try to friend me... I did my makeup myself so thank you! Hair was done by staff at the hair salon. I did love it.

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    To Laura,

    I sent you a friend request here and on Facebook. And I am really excited to see you at CTI in January! You and your husband are the first couple I've found whose travel dates align with ours. We will be visiting from January 4th through January 11th.

    And to Kaflateau,

    I'm sorry we will miss you! Maybe we will meet up some other year. I bet New Year's is frigid in Michigan... What a good excuse to travel to a tropical climate!

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    it is pretty cool!!! I can't wait to see you get married!!! (by the way, I do make-up for free!! Used to be a make-up artist for Clarins at Macys!)

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    Hi ladies!

    Congrats on the upcoming wedding Sydney. Saw your posts and we too will be at CTI jan 5-12. Our first trip and looking forward to it. Celebrating our 10 yr anniversary!!


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