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    Default CN - Deluxe Beachfront vs. Deluxe Ocean View

    Has anyone stayed in both types of rooms by chance? If so, any comments on one room vs. the other?

    Any particular room numbers that are a MUST for either type of room?

    Being a first-timer, I would appreciate comments on these two types of room choices.

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    I haven't stayed in both but I have stayed in the Deluxe Ocean View (CN). If you are looking for a definite REAL ocean view, then I'd look for a different room choice. We had the impression that it would be a ocean view, but yet it was more garden with about an inch or two view of ocean.
    This wasn't a huge deal for us, as it was still beautiful, but just wished we had of known. It does specify on here that the views may be partially obstructed, I suppose. Next time we'll stay in the cheapest room because it really doesn't matter to us.

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