My husband and I are considering booking a week stay at CSS and this would be our first time. When we first started looking into where we wanted to go, we wanted right on the beach. As nice as the Beachfront Suites are, they do not give the "walk out onto sand" feeling that we were looking for. We are now thinking about the Ocean Suites as long as they have the comfy lounger with the big patio and the nice big shower.

Is it possible to request all of those things? Do all rooms have Tv carts on wheels? Do all ocean suites have the amazing ocean views in the pictures?

MY MAIN QUESTION- Everything we read talks about all of the stairs on the resort. If we stay in an Ocean Suite, how many stairs are we talking? Like 3 flights down to pool and then another 3 to beach? How big of a hassle is it?

Thanks for all of your help and advice!