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    Default April 7 to April 21 Negril

    First time couple from Alberta Canada. Actually a late honeymoon as we got married over the summer but did not have a chance.

    We are so looking forward to a 2 weeks of nothingness, just relax and create memories.

    Anyone who will be at Negril between April 7-21 please give us a shout.

    Derek and Jenn

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    We wwill be there from 7-14 wish we could stay longer. Our second time, you will love it. Great food, the best place in the world to relax. It is the only place I take my watch off.

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    I know I, Derek, is looking forward to taking my watch off. We are so looking forward to "unwinding"... ha ha... wow can tell I need a break really bad joke!!!

    We are Derek and Jenn...

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    We wiil be there from April 17th thru the 28th. Our friends won't arrive till the 20th. We will see you at the pool bar for sure. We are going to be there in 15 days to end the year right. What better way to start the year in April.
    See you there

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    We will be there April 14-21. This is our second time to Couples Negril, we've been dying to go back since the first time four years ago. Can't wait!!!

    Rieki & Doug

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    We're booked April 7-14th. This will be are 6x to CN and 8x to Jamaica since 2003. We just love the Jamaican people and it's such a relaxing vacation at CN. You can do as much or as little as you like. The people go out of there way to make sure you have a great time.
    We're from central WI, so go Packers! Just bought a share of Green Bay Packers stock, so I'm now a NFL co-owner.
    See you at the swim-up bar around 2 or 3 and we'll buy you a drink.
    Doug & Renee

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    99 Days to go and I will buy the first one. Looking forward to meeting everyone. My brother in law is a big Packer fan, he is from WI also.

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    I guess I should have sadi that my brother in law and my sister are coming too.

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    Joseph and I (Jasmin) will be there April 7-12. Can't wait. We got married there this past April so going for anniversary! Countdown has started. See you there.

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    We are from WI too! Looks like we will just be missing you. My fiance and I are getting married April 19th and will be at CN from April 15-22. We are traveling with a group of about 14 although people are staggering in and out throughout the week! The countdown is on!

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    Looks like its going to be a busy place when we are there. Looking forward to it.

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    OK the game is on.
    We are now doing the double digit boogie. T-99 days and counting.
    We decided last week to change our dates and are now going to be at CN from the 15th of April till the 28th. I know, I know, we suck but life is to short so we make things happen. Can't wait to be back home. First week to relax and enjoy. Second week to party down with friends that arrive on the 20th. This is going to get ugly so anyone who want to join us, you will find us floating at the pool bar most of the day.
    Leo, jump in any time Bro!!!!!!


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    Default 4/9-4/16

    Me, my husband and our best friends are all going together 4/9-4/16 for a week or drinking , eating and relaxing! We will surely be at the beach bar and beach most of the time. Can't wait to see you all there!
    -Christina and Joey

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    Me, my husband and our best friends, which is another couple will be there April 9th-16th. We are all looking forward to a week of drinking, eating and relaxing. See you all soon
    -Christina and Joey

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    Looking forward to meeting you too... Going to be sooooo much fun

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    Awww yeah people. Mark and Ant are that other couple. We've been before (CN in '06) and are taking Joey and XT on their maiden couple's voyage. Woot!

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    We will be down there at the same time. We're from Muskego. Enjoy your wedding ceremony. Couples resort does it up right for you. We got married at CTI one year ago.

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