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    I tried searching but couldn't find an exact answer so I'm sorry if this is redundant, but my husband and I will be at CSA for the 2nd time Apr 28th and have decided to try to tear ourselves away for a day to visit CN. We tried last year but just couldn't seem to see the point of leaving paradise where we were.

    If we actually get so ambitious this year, we may not want to stay the whole day until the shuttle comes back at 4pm and was wondering approximately how much a cab back early would cost so we will make sure to take enough money with us. I know to only use red tag taxis and to negotiate a price before hand, but I'm not sure what this length of trip warrants. Any ideas? Thanks so much! 22 days and counting!

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    I have read that a cab ride from CSA to Rick's is about $15 so I imagine this trip would be about the same. These resorts are very close to each other. As with anything in Jamaica you should discuss the price before getting in the cab and agree on what you will pay.

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