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    Default Activity Schedule. can anyone post one for Sans Souci please?

    looking for info on the activity schedule for daily activities for Sans Souci. if anyone can remember or has a picture of it. specifically wondering about fitness, yoga classes days and times. thanks

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    On the San Souci website, I am sure this is typical and would not expect it to be precisely the same during your trip.

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    thanks thadeus. I saw that but was hoping someone might have something that is more current. appreciate the response.

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    Does this look right to those who have been lately? I was hoping for a yoga offering daily, oh well!

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    Default Fitness classes at CSS

    Is Fabian still there? Are they still doing regular morning aerobics type classes like step, hi/lo,etc?
    are they using guest instructors? Morning walk?

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    Here is the one from January 2012

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