My husband finally agreed to take advantage of the 2013 Special and now I have 2 days to decide between CSA or CN. We have been to CSA in 2011 returning in December of 2102. We both love it!!!!

He wants to try CN but I am hesitant so I need help- I am a vegetarian/85% vegan- Does CN offer as many fabulous vegetarian food options as CSA????? Is the food as good? What about the rooms and ambiance between the two resorts? Can you walk the beach at Bloody Bay like you can at CSA? Beach walkers/vendors- cause we loved watching them? Any other comparisons between the two?

I know if we go to CN I know I will give up the fabulous verandah but I am most worried about the food options.

I have to book by Tuesday the 17th so I am hoping someone will give a fellow Jamaica lover some advice and input.

Thank you!