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    Default June 10-16

    This is our first trip out of the US....super excited!!!!!!!!! Wondering if anyone was coming in at the same time as us.

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    Congrats on you vacation... My wife and I will arrive on the 9th and leave on the 16th. This is our first trip to Jamaica.

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    My husband and I will be at CN June 9th through the 19th (wooooooooo hooooooooo) this will be our 3rd trip to CN and we can't wait. Would love to try and meet up when we are there. let's keep in touch during our count down (we are almost under 50 days OH YEAH)
    Dorene from Brooklyn (loves CN)

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    Me and my wife will be there June 9th to the 16th with our daughter and BF. We always like to meet new people. Lets get together and you guys can buy the first drink and the rest is on me.

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    We'll be at CN June 9-16. Hope to meet you guys there.

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    We will be there the 5th through the 12th. Would love to meet up, it is our first time in Jamaica and our 10 year Anniversary on the 8th.

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    KJB, which Couple's Resort? We'll be at CSS June 9 - 17th.

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    We will be at CSS June 13-20th.

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    Hi All,
    KJB you didn’t say which resort you will be staying at?
    We will be at CTI 10th – 24th June.
    Tying the knot there on the 18th.
    Travelling from Dublin, Ireland – first trip to Couples too… Can’t wait
    Would love to meet up if you’re in the same resort.
    We shall be spending a little time on the Island. We always visit the AN areas when on holiday, they are a great place to make friends, highly recommend it for those who have not tried.
    Only 50 days now… Woo Hoo!
    "Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind."

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    We will be at CSS June 11-15

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    We are going June 28-July 5. Hoping to meet new friends!! Looking forward to our trip! First time there and celebrating a big anniversary!

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    We will be at CTI June 7-14th

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    We will be at CTI June 8-15. We are so excited to meet everyone and enjoy Jamaica! 4 days

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    This will be our first trip to Jamaica also! We're at CTI June 18-22. After having read all the rave reviews I wish it was longer!

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    Hey ya'll! My hubby and I will be @ CSS June 12-17th, for our anniversary. SO EXCITED!!! This will be our second trip, we are from Texas. Would love to meet new people!

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