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    Default CTI - CSS Wonderful

    Just returned from a week in both resorts - it was a wonderful maybe last holiday to Jamaica.
    I won't go into a long review, just want to make a couple of points which i did put in my comments:
    Cti Housekeeping/Mini Bar a bit hit and miss. Glasses no drink/drink no Glasses Gin & Tonic in a mug!!
    Still dont like the Asian Bayside but thats just my opinion - day we ate there services not good and food cold - but really no big deal.
    Maybe it is just an age thing but i thought the guests younger this year and some of them behaved as though on Spring Break but it didn't distract us. it was interesting listening in on one woman's conversations for 3 days at the pool bar from the 3rd floor
    But Staff as always wonderful, Kirk, Everard, byron, Simone, Delroy all of them.

    Sans Souci:
    Absolutely wonderful staff, food the lot:

    Add On: as we didn't know if it would be out last trip we splashed out on Virgin Atlantis Upper Class.
    One word WOW!! and worth every penny

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    You may not want to, but can you tell us why this is probably your last trip to Jamaica? Just wondering what has changed.

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    Last trip maybe!!

    Will possibley shortly be retireing and if i can't go Virgin Upper class i won't go!!

    Seriously both my husband and i have mild mobility issues (Arthritus) this year he was very worried if he would be able to cope with the journey. But it was all OK and at the resorts every body looked after us particually Christopher & Amalaki at CSS in getting on and of the speedboat they were great.

    So as James Bond would say 'Never say Never'
    Although I did cry when the Mento Band at CSS played Jamaica Farewell

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