What is the best way to invite your guests to the wedding in Jamaica, without being rude? We don't want anyone to get any ideas that we are paying for it, or do we want them to think that they are "expected" to go. Because they would have to pay for it, and preferably stay at the same resort. Can't affort to pay the "day passes"!! But we really don't expect too many to come (maybe 10-20), but we're finding difficulty in the "right way" to invite everyone.

We are also having a party at our house about a month after, for everyone at home! I orginally really wanted to do "save the date magnets", but am also now having difficulty in wording for that too. Cuz i would want to have the Wedding date in Jamaica and the home reception date, but am finding its too much info for a small magnet.

Please help! I need some suggestions! I don't know anyone thats done the destination wedding before.