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    Default May 12-21 & wedding at CTI

    We should arive the 12th around 4pm. 28 days till our first vacation together! I am so excited to try a mind eraser and rum cream. I have packed and unpacked about 6 times! So ready to rest and relax. Hope to meet some other fun couples yo maybe go shopping with or other excursions. Anyone else getting married that week? We are on the 15th at 11am. The tropical package.

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    We arrive on May 13th and get married on May 16th @ 11:00 am. We are very excited to go on our first vaca together as well! Where are you from, we are from Iowa?

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    Kansas. We just had quite a storm.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Linnxtheminx View Post
    Kansas. We just had quite a storm.
    Where exactly, we are from Derby and will be there 05-10 thru 05-17?

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    Wow. We are close. Im in wichita.

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