Its so sad to be back. But at least we have our next trip to look forward to. This was the first time we went in April. It was a different kind of crowd and a little bit different atmosphere than our normal trip in October. We still liked it and had a great time.
The flight was good, the drive to the resort was good. The driver stopped at a different place on the way, not the usual one where we like to get our first taste of jerk chicken. But I think we are going to start taking TimAir only because a 12 minute flight seems so worth it. Even though I am not a good flyer, especially in small planes, and it will be sheer panic for 12 minutes... but at least its only 12 minutes! lol
Check in was great. As usual they are very warm, kind and welcoming.
We had a nice snack at the grill when we got in then went to relax and shower before the beach party. We ended up meeting some great friends that night that led to some fun nights.
The room was great (atrium right next to the gazebo). No issues. Our toilet broke one day but they were in our room very quickly to fix it. They were great. No problem!
The food was good. At first we didnt feel like it was as good as it has been in the past, but as the week went on it seemed to get better. We really enjoy the different pizza's at patois. The only thing I would say is that some of the items on the menus at all the restaurants seem like they were the same things we saw on their in October. But still all very food. Would just like to see more changes in the menus each trip. Feather was fantastic! We ate there a second time on our last night and I had some really good coconut shrimp. Unforunetly I got a little food poisoning that night, not sure if it was from the shrimp or something else I ate at dinner. But luckily I got it all out of my system that night so I felt much better in the morning and wasnt sick traveling home.
The spa was amazing. We had a small issue for our first massage, but they were very pro-active in correcting the situation and compensating for any inconveniece. Thank You Couples! It wsa much appreciated. The second try was much better and we even scheduled another set of massages for our last day. and they were AMAZING!! So we were very happy. We even got a call the the new GM (Karen) to make sure every was resolved. Thank you so much.
The Easter egg hunt was interesting. Fun. We didnt win anything but we had a good time trying.
The weather was good. The mornings were amazing but every afternoon it got really windy. With this being our first trip in April I am not sure if this is the norm, but if anyone is a regular during April we would love to know if it is.
There was some papala drama towards the end of the week. lol Ever since we have gone the norm seems to be that the early risers get up for works outs and coffee (like we do) and reserve the papala's at that time.. which seems fair. Early bird gets the worm. There isnt a resort on the planet you can go to and get a prime spot at 10:00. But what was happening was people were leaving the beach for the day at like 4:00 and leaving their stuff at the papala's to save them for the next day. Ridiculous! Very rude, especially since a lot of people like to stay on the beach and enjoy the sunsets from them. Then those people were not getting to the beach until close to 10:00. It got so bad that on our way to dinner once night at 6:00 ALL of them were already reserved for the next day. Well kudo's to the night manager for sending a message by clearing the beach of everyones things one morning at like 4:30 am! LOL People came out and their stuff was gone, they had to go to the front office and sign for their things. Thank you and kudo's for sending the message that that kind of stuff will not be tolerated. They have put more papala's in since the last time we were there. They can probably use a few more but there is plenty of shade if you dont get one.
The repeaters dinner ws great! We had a really nice time and the food was amazing, as usual.
WiFi ws AMAZING! I know they did some work on this last year and this was the first trip where we could get wifi on our iphones anywhere on the resort. LOVED IT! Thank you so much Couples. I refuse to have a TV in our room becaues I dont want my husband glued to it.. I would rather have him glued to me! lol But it was nice to have the WiFi.
Lastly, I cannot say enough about the staff. They are amazing. Our room service lady was so sweet! We brought easter candy to give out through the week and they were so grateful and appreciative to be able to bring it home to their kids. One day she left some amazing flowers in my room. Just so nice and such hard workers. I cannot tell you how grateful and appreciative we are. Not just for them but all of the staff. They are such a big reason we keep coming back. We have made some amazing relationships with them. Love them!
Another trip down and looking forward to our next trip home to CSA in October.