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    Default SOOO excited.....

    9 days til CTI!!!!!!!!!!!

    I am so excited. Any tips for a first-timer are welcome!! I have learned sooo much from this board. I have been counting down from about 130 days and cannot believe it is here already. My husband and I were married in May of last year and did not get to honeymoon due to work schedules. We are considering this our honeymoon/anniversary

    I have been a bit saddened by reading how beautiful the other couples resorts are in comparison to CTI....I love the lush tropical "look"...however, I have read about how wonderful the food/service is at CTI and I am just thoroughly excited to get there and enjoy! I told my husband there are so many repeaters for the couples resorts it is just unlike any vacation spot I have heard of...

    Once again, thanks to everyone for filling my days with posts to read about Couples resorts! It has helped the time go by faster!

    Any last minute tips are appreciated!!!!!!


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    Hi Linda!
    I don't really have any last minute tips for you except relax and enjoy yourselves. Just want to let you know that CTI is a beautiful resort with a charming caribbean quality all it's own! You will be treated like royalty by an unforgettable staff. I know you will love it!
    Have a wonderful Honeymoon/Anniversary!

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    We have been to CTI as well as CSA, CSA is our home We go every year just about, we love it there. CTI has its own beautiful ways but CSA was just more fitting for us. Go another year and give another a try and you will know where your home is. We thought, ahh maybe we should try another but when we did we missed CSA so much that we went back that same year lol. Anyways im sure you will love it, they are all individual and beautiful, the food is wonderful, the staff are incredible and the views and rooms at CTI are just gorgeous!

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    The best Couples Resort is always the one you are at! If you go intending to have a good time and enjoy yourself you will. If you go looking for problems or things you might be missing you will not. I suggest you go with the first. I have been to CSS 3 times and CSA twice. Since CTI is just down the road from CSS I assume things you do off resort would be pretty much the same. Take a pair of water shoes for each of you to take to Dunns River. You need them to climb up the falls (yes, you walk up the falls in the water and if you take a camera the guide will take pics of you for a tip) and if you don't have a pair of water shoes you need to buy them or (yuck) rent them. Much cheaper to bring your own. There are a few things you can book through the resort if you want to but don't stress over them. Once at the resort and soaking in the warm Caribbean waters on your float with a nice drink in hand you may never want to leave. I was married at CSS and my kids went to Bob Marley's wife and I soaked on my float. Then they went on some ATV wife and I soaked on my float. Get the picture? You would have to work at not having a good time so sit back and enjoy. Once you see how great Couples treats you I am sure you will want to come home to Couples again and again so there will always be a chance to see other resorts. No problem mon...Irie.

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    I can tell you that CTI is the first time I've ever been out of the states, and the experience was so amazing, it'll be my honeymoon too. You are blessed to have this opportunity and it is once of a lifetime. Enjoy! I'm jealous, quite frankly. You will have so much fun and romance.

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    Thanks Rum Girl! Do you know if the massages are hard to to get in for? We are wanting to get a couples massage but worry if they will be booked up when we get there. I CANNOT wait!!!!! 8 days........................

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    Thanks to all!! Believe me....I am going to go with a wonderful attitude and savor it all!!!! Thanks for all the wonderful just makes me that more excited!!!! I truly and blessed to be having this experience!!!!!!!

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    I hope you have a wonderful time. We honeymooned there in September of 2010. I have been dreaming about going back ever since. CTI is truly a tropical paradise and you don't have to worry about missing out on the "tropical look." The only advice I would give is to make sure you go on resort orientation your first day. You'll meet some new friends right off the bat! And if you try to make dinner reservations for 4, it is MUCH easier than making reservations for 2! Have a fabulous adventure!

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