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Thread: October 2013

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    I can't wait! The biggest decision will be which drink to try.
    CSA - May 2012
    CN - May 2013
    CSS - October 2013

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    By the time this posts it will be SDD time for us! I can not believe it! We are so excited! Hubby is finally starting to let himself get excited , he hasn't had 13 days off in a row since FOREVER! He has been coming to me each night asking questions (he knows how much research I have done) like can we eat any hour or only certain hours, or you sure the alcohol is included? It blesses my heart to see him excited!
    Soon, we will "Go and know"

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    Sherry and Steve
    Arriving: 10/15
    Departing: 10/23

    First time to CSS! Excited but scared at the same time!
    Hope to love it as much as we do Swept Away.

    So..If you see an older and way, way out of shape couple wandering around lost, that's us!
    If you stop to say hi, BEWARE we are talkers, Steve more so, he has never met a stranger, if it is too much
    for you, just walk away really fast....we'll never be able to catch you!

    CSA TRIPS: July,2011,& December,2011, July,2012,& December,2012, April,2013,& July,2013, and booked for July,2014 & December,2014.
    CSS TRIP : October,2013
    CB TRIP : December,2013

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    Sherry and Steve: We will arrive the 20th and look forward to meeting you. We will be the couple on Sunday afternoon at the beach grill , eating lunch, probably waiting for our room to be ready, in matching T-Shirts, because my hubby loves me that much! Our first couples experience, we are 45 and 51, and I am a talker! Also, we are kinda out of shape ... never been in shape! lol Well not true for hubby, he did do 20 years Active Duty AF. Brenda & Andy

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    We arrive at CSS on the 24th and leave on the 31st! Just a few more days until we are there and we can't wait to be back. This will be our 3rd time to CSS. Look for the couple with a few tattoos on the main beach.

    Ryan & Arlena

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    4 more sleeps!

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    Add Sophie & Serge to the list - 10/20 - 10/27

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    Brenda! Your countdown is almost up! In a few days you will no longer be a Newbie and you will KNOW the joys of CSS! I wish you and Andy a wonderful trip where you get to rekindle your love and share new experiences that will bring you even closer! All the best and I can't wait to read your vacation report! Once you go you know! Take care!

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    Gonna be at css the 26th thru 2nd our first trip here, we have done the cruise thing too and this turned out to be WAY cheaper.. Im excited to see how everything is but from reading all the posts I have no doubt we will fall in love

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    We booked in March for our Oct. 26th trip.. its our first time and we are totally hyped... We went to the hotel where we spent our honeymoon in June for our 25th wedding anniversary but this is going to be our belated honeymoon adventure.. Would be great to have a drink with ya'll one night

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    5 more sleeps and we will be there!

    Oh, and a bit of good news. I'm no longer a furloughed federal employee and I'm getting back pay, that will fortunately arrive while we are at CSS. So, we can stock up on our rum cream at the airport now. lol

    We also are likely extending our stay by one night to the 30th. We fly standby because my hubby is an airline employee. The flights home were looking really tight for the 29th, but they are wide open for the 30th. I already confirmed there is a room open for that night.
    CSA - May 2012
    CN - May 2013
    CSS - October 2013

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    Getting so excited to head to CSS.. from reading what all you past guests have posted has made me even more excited... only 6 more days til we leave and it already seems like an eternity. Ok I have a question.. I have read many of you post about two things.. 1. red stripe? Im guessing this is jamacia beer? is it good.. and I am totally interested in this Rum drink ya'll talk about? Im a patron tequila kinda girl but Im game for anything.. what can ya'll recommend?

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    Only a couple days until we arrive Saturday morning! Can't wait arrive and enjoy some sun and relaxation! See you all there my friends we haven't yet met!

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    Red Stripe is good. The drink of the day is always good. My wife like the dirty bannanas, and ting and rum is good. Wait all the rum drinks are good but they are our favs.
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    We're back! If anyone was at CSS while we were, we were the couple playing frisbee on the main beach. Such an amazing vacation. I can't wait to go back, although I think that next time we'll be trying CSA so that my husband can play some racquetball.

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