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    Default CN or CSS be naked?

    Hi guys
    We were wondering what resort would suit us better for all around nudity ..? We love to swim , dance , sunbath, drink , socialize , watersports ..ect do everything in the nude, so with that said what resort would you'all recommend....Hedo is out .... Thanks
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    Three of the four Couples resorts have AN beaches (or in the case of CTI - the Island), but the rest of the resort is strictly textile.

    If Hedo is out, there is a resort in Falmouth (N) that caters to the naturist crowd...the only time you have to cover up there is for meals in the restaurants.

    We have been to both CSS and N. We preferred CSS for the overall experience (just thought it was much nicer - N is kind of rustic), but we tend to be beach/pool/hottub nudists over the 24-7 kind of nudist. If maximizing your nude time/opportunities is your top priority...then N is probably your best best.
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    None of the resorts have AN all the time. Only on the AN beach at CN, SSB at CSS & the island 9-5 at CTI.

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    Hidden Beach in Riviera Maya for those 24/7 nudists.

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    We have been to CN, CTI and CSS and CSA. 33 out of the 4 resorts have AN areas.

    We LOVE the island at CTI, but we also love Sunset Beach at CSS.

    Both have their good points but CSS is our favorite for the AN experience. The pool is bigger and if you want to sneak off quietly and take a nap, the beach is huge! You can also swim in the ocean at CSS (the water is cold where the river meets the beach area and it's a bit rocky so bring water shoes!). I've heard of people snorkeling and swimming off the island at CTI, but I'd never attempt it because of the reef and rocks it sits on. One could get banged up very easily!

    If you are going for the AN experience, CSS gets my vote. It's a short walk from the main resort (don't have to wait on a boat to take you over) and if you need to go back to your room for any reason, it's easier to do than at CTI.

    This is just my two cents worth, but I suppose you need to try them both to find your favorite. CN is OUT for us. We don't like the setup of the AN area at all.
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    CSS BY FAR! Ive been to both.CSS was so much fun.It was like being at a nudist resort while on SSB.

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    Between CSS and CN go to CSS, it has a pool, food, and is more private.
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