First of all, if our honeymoon gift comes through, we will be staying at CSA 1/7/13 to 1/14/13. So very excited about it. I'm addicted to this message board. I stalk it just about every night, lol. I stopped going to TA because the of the complainers. I guessing those people did not spend much time doing their research. If they did, they'd know check in time is 3:00pm, GVS are by the road, not one picture shows marble, brass or gold, majority of the rooms have screens so a bug or two is expected, it a humid environment there will be mold, and it's JAMAICA, the resorts are not like those in Mexico or DR. Yes, it is kinda expensive, maybe not to most that go, but for us, it would be a every 5 year or so trip, but once you add all the free things included, it should be worth it. I have a funny feeling once we go, we won't be able to go back to Jamaica without staying at CSA.

Ok, now for the reason of my question. I know there is a photographer that roams around and takes pictures, but can you set up a full photo shoot with them? This may have been answered before but i must have missed it. The candid shots will be nice but we are wanting a actual photo shoot. Has anyone done this and if so, what is the ball park price? As much researching that I have done, I haven't done so well on this one.

Thanks for any help in advance! Can't wait to join the Couples family