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    Default question about the ipod dock @cti

    I have a question about this, will this only play music from an ipod or can it be used with other mp3 devices? or
    Is there a cd player? Thank you to anyone who has been to CTI recently.

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    The unit has a IPOD docking connection that will play and charge a IPOD. If you unit has the same connection it should work. The unit does not have a CD player in it.
    Irie Mon

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    Just in case others were also works with the iPhone.

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    Get yourself a 3.5mm male/male patch cord (this is the same as the jack on your earbuds, except there is another jack where your buds would be). This plugs into your earbud jack, and then into the AUX IN jack on the back of the docking station, and VOILA... all your tunes ready to roll!

    Patchcord is availble from BestBuy or other outlets...


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    Are the IPOD stations the same at all of the resorts? We are going to CSS on Sept. 12 and want to be able to bring some music.

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    At CSS they say they have AM/FM Radio & IPOD/MP3 Player in the room and in the pictures it looks the same as what they have a CTI. Even the old units you could connect to it with the 3.5 mm patch cord.
    Irie Mon

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    We just returned from CSS. Here's what our iPod dock/radio looked like:

    Name:  CSS.Ipod.Dock_08.09.jpg
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    As an aside, our Penthouse suite also had a cd player/radio in the living room. But, our friends in A block only had the iPod player.


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