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Thread: August 09

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    Default August 09

    Joe & Missy

    Colleyville, Texas (Fort Worth)

    Arrive 8/2 for a week, 3rd time.

    Staying in a Penthouse


    See you there

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    Barry and Patty
    August 21-28

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    Danny and Debbie- 1st time to CSS
    August 8-15; getting married Aug 10

    Can't wait!!!

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    Kevin & Pamela from Westchester, New York
    August 21 - August 26
    1st time to CSS but have stayed each of the other 3 resorts (and CN 13 times)
    Staying in a Penthouse Suite unless the Hibiscus Suite becomes available

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    51 days to wait....where will I lose those last few pounds????? Time is running out so I guess you will just see the fat old me!!!! Well, less fat old me but not as svelte as I had wanted...

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    Default Aug 1-8

    Marisa & Jimmy, first time to ANY Couples resort! We'll be at CSS 8/1-8/8 and we cannot WAIT!!!

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    Default August 22-29

    Second trip to CSS. Loved it last year and can't wait to go back for our 25th anniversary!

    Who else will be there???

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    Martin & Kate
    From - UK
    There from 28 July - 11 August

    1st time

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    40 days and 40 pounds, well maybe only 15 pounds but still a bit of a work staring me in the face. Awww but what a great reward.

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    Bearso, you're making me think too hard! But if my calculations are correct, you will be there the same time as us. How's the diet going? Mine isn't going so well.

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    Kathi & Dan

    Kathi? You are correct, we will be there the same time. I don't really have 40 pounds to lose but as slow as I am going, it might as well be 40.... Our 17th aniversery is August 22. We need to me for a drink some time. We are from San Diego. Me, Barry is 55 and Patty is 44. First time to CSS. Been to COR once before it changes to CTI. Been to CSA 3 times. It's getting close enough that now I think about the CSS trip every day. I promise to post a picture before we leave so if you see us at CSS, you will know us. We are in the One Bedroom Balcony Suite. Sorry, I am just getting excited and running off at the mouth.

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    Hello, hello!! Katie and Mike from Boston, Ma will be at CSS for the first time August 24-29/09. We can't wait! Hope all the good things are true! Any advice to newbies would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks -K.

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    Welcome Katie and Mike! Looks like we have a nice little group going around the 20th to the 30th of August. Lets post some pics so we can know who is coming. I'll try first.
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    1st time at Sans Souci. Would love to meet up w/ Bearso/Barry & Patty and also Katie & Mike. Really excited.

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    Default First Time

    Barry & Patty: Would love to hang w/ you. My boyfriend & I will be there from 8/20 - 8/24 celebrating my Bday.

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    You are in for a real treat. CSS is going to be a blast.

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    Hey everyone! I just went through my pics in my computer to post one. I can't even find one of the 2 of us in the same shot! Thats pretty sad! We have been together over five years, and married most of that. I'll try and take one when he gets home and post it so all the late August couples will recognise us!! -Katie

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    Barry and Denise
    1st trip to a Couples resort
    August 10-15th

    My co-workers are getting really sick of me changing every screen saver in our department computers to say "22 days and counting til MY vacation." And since I am the first one there,I change it everyday!!!!

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    I know where you are coming from. Either I take the photos or Patty takes them. Hard to get one together. I promise to take couple pics of everyone that wants some.... By the way, you can still post two single pics!!!! We are getting close. I can hardly wait!!!!

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    Barry and Denise

    By the way....I like your name...Sorry we will miss you guys. Please save us some fun and drinks...

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    I'll be there Aug. 21-25.

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    Hi Katie & Dan:

    My boyfriend and I will be there Aug. 21-25. Looking forward.

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    THIRTY DAYS! Three sets of 10 days, Ten sets of three days! Four weeks... no matter how you slice it, we are going soon!

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    Default Beginning Of August

    Hey all the messages are at the end of August, anyone going to be there the first week of August? Hope to see you all there at SSB.
    Missy & Joe
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    Default Let's get together...

    To Everyone:

    Should we set a meeting date and time for those of us who will be there at the end of August?

    Not sure how this picture will come up...but it should serve its purpose of letting you all know what we look like. Be sure to say 'hi' if you see us!

    Kathi & Danny
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