It's all about respect - PDA of a kiss or a hug is something I would do in front of my kids. I think Couples is trying to avoid the hedonism effect -

I'm simply amazed at all these comments because I guess we've broken all the rules - never been reprimanded and never heard any other guests complain or judge.

As far as being alone on the AN beach - the AN guests patrol themselves very well and if one guest "sticks out" being alone and never having been on the beach with their partner it does create a situation where management should be notified. I go to the beach alone every morning because my husband exercises or stays on the balcony and reads. I've seen several men who are alone - their spouses are in the spa or on the shopping trip - Sometimes their are women alone, their husbands went diving- No Problem Mon.

For those of you considering AN, you will be amazed how much more social it is on the AN side -

I've gone topless on the main beach and felt like I was being gawked at the whole time. A guy on the bus to the airport even took the time to tell me how much he enjoyed watching me - ick

All's I can say its being neked is more comfortable than being topless - go figure.