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    It's all about respect - PDA of a kiss or a hug is something I would do in front of my kids. I think Couples is trying to avoid the hedonism effect -

    I'm simply amazed at all these comments because I guess we've broken all the rules - never been reprimanded and never heard any other guests complain or judge.

    As far as being alone on the AN beach - the AN guests patrol themselves very well and if one guest "sticks out" being alone and never having been on the beach with their partner it does create a situation where management should be notified. I go to the beach alone every morning because my husband exercises or stays on the balcony and reads. I've seen several men who are alone - their spouses are in the spa or on the shopping trip - Sometimes their are women alone, their husbands went diving- No Problem Mon.

    For those of you considering AN, you will be amazed how much more social it is on the AN side -

    I've gone topless on the main beach and felt like I was being gawked at the whole time. A guy on the bus to the airport even took the time to tell me how much he enjoyed watching me - ick

    All's I can say its being neked is more comfortable than being topless - go figure.
    ... it keepsh me shane

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    I think this is ridiculous if you pay to be at this resort then you should be allowed to do the same as everyone else, if that means being on the nude beach alone then thats that. As for gawkers if you don't want people looking at you then don't take your close off it is just natural for people to look. I think you all need to lighten up your all adults and it is a nude beach. As for pdi's again everyone is an adult and when the drinks start flying some things just happen, getting told to leave the resort is a little over the top I think maybe giving a warning might be the best thing to do. My wife and I have been going to couple resorts for awhile now and never seen anything that would make us complain other then our last trip which was the service that needed complaining about.

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