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    Default CSS First-timer questions

    My fiancee and I will be going to CSS September 7-13 2009, I was just wondering if anyone knows what part of the hotel we should request for an oceanfront jacuzzi suite? and if it is normal for the islands to be having so much rain right now or if it is just a passing storm?

    Thanks for all of your comments we are so excited to see the great resort we've heard so much about!!

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    Default room choice

    We have booked a one bedroom ocean suite. Haven't heard of an oceanfront jacuzzi suite. This is the rainy or even hurricane season, so I think more rain is common, but hopefully it will be intermittent and I'm sure the resort will still be fabulous. Enjoy.

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    I may be wrong but I think all the Ocean front jacuzzi rooms are down near the beach. As far as the rain goes, it is hurricane season, which could cause more rain than normal, but the weather forecast will always say rain expected as this is a tropical Island. The weather has been different each time we've been, there is plenty to do if it rains too much. Have a great time.

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    The only suites with jacuzzi's are the Beach Front suites in A & B, or the Hibiscus Cottage, which is very expensive. A & B are just as the suites are named, right on the beach. They are the best location for the nearness to most activities and two of the restaurants. I can't answer the questions about the rain in Sept. because we went in December, but I thought that I read that it is normal for them to predict rain, but the showers they get are usually short lived.

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    There are only 2 buildings at CSS that have the Beachfront Jacuzzi Suites - A and B. They are right next to each other on the beach level. I'd be happy to send you a map of CSS so you can see the layout (

    And yes, the rain is pretty typical for two reasons. One, there is always a chance of an afternoon shower in the Caribbean because it's tropical. Two, we are in the middle of hurricane season so the showers might be more often. However, it usually doesn't last very long so no worries. Just keep track of developing tropical storms about a week before you leave.
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    Hello first timer here also going the 18th -28th of September. I am just gonna use your post to also ask questions if you don't mind.
    #1. Watersports/Is there any kayaks? I see no watersports equipment on any of the pictures that I have seen. I've read on the website that there is paddleboats , kayaks, windsurfers but have not seen them. The only thing I have seen were hobie cats.

    #2. What kind of beer and liquor bottles are stocked in my mini fridge? I will be staying in the 1 bedroom beachfront suite if that makes a difference. Brands of liquors wood be appreciated. Also I noticed bottles of liquor at some bars with orange and maybe green round stickers on them. Does this mean that they are not included?

    #3. I notice the beach grill is in the au natural side of the resort. Is there any other beach grills on the property where I can get food during the inbetween lunch and dinner hours, or do I have to strip down to go get a snack?

    #4. What food options are available late night and where?

    #4. Has anyone seen anyone fishing at the resort. If so where? I may fish a lil while down there while the wife takes a afternoon siesta if possible.

    Thanks in advance

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    We have not been to CSS yet (April 2010), but I have been reading this MB for months. From what I have read, the only suites with jacuzzi's are the One Bedroom Beachfront Suites. If so, those are in Block A and B only. Unless someone has other info?
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    1.yes to all

    2. usually red stripe or real rock. Usually vodka (maybe smirnoff??), Appleton Rum, and some gin. It is all included, I think the stickers are for inventory purposes.

    3. There is also a beach grill on the clothed side, no need to strip for a snack unless you want to. You also have the option of room service from 6am-11pm. I suggest the chips & salsa/guacamole.

    4. Bella Vista converts back to the beach grill after dinner. Usually a more streamlined menu in the wee hours- burgers/dogs/patties...can't remember if the jerk chicken and pizza stayed on that menu late night. Again, room service til 11pm.

    5. I never saw anyone fishing while we were there the last time...doesn't mean it's not possible to set up possibly on-site or as an excursion.

    We will be there Sept 6-13. Go check out the meet up thread. You will be in either A or B block. We had A the last time we were there, very nice location. I like having a 2nd/3rd floor room for the view and the extra stairs. After all the food and drink, we need the exercise!!!

    The forecast always calls for rain. We went in Sept. the last time and I think we had one rain shower the whole week. It doesn't really put a damper (no pun intended) on things.
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    Thanks Calgon,

    Also ref to room questions, If you click on the CSS tab on the main Couples page and then on the left hand column you will see something saying maps&panoramic views. That will show you where all rooms are located. IF you then click the accomodations area , you can see what each room looks like.

    I did finally get ot see a picture of teh mini bar on webshots and it looked like all bar stock liquor except for the appleton estates rum. Smirnoff is pretty poor quality Vodka to if thats what they use. Hopefully that has changed or I can ask for something better. I'm just used to the better liquors, and also the cheap bar stock type liquors give me horrible hangovers.

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    Can someone please let me know what the dress policy is for the restaurants. I keep reading multiple different things in regards to the Casanova restaurant. Some websites say we need a sport coat and some don't mention sport coat. I really hope I don't have to pack a sport coat for a Jamaican vacation. Its already a bit of a drag to have to bring pants. Usually nice dress shorts are good enough. Its just too hot to be forced to where such things. I live in Florida and am prepared to do it if I have to but rather not.

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    Hi calgon....thanks for the reassurance, I'll be either in the A or B block as well so I guess we'll prob see u there for a couple of days, if not, enjoy!

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    Thank you everyone for your advice this really helps a lot!!

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    Naturefish - you do not need a jacket for Casanova. If you check the Couples website, it reiterates this policy. We were there in Janaury, and Bob wore a dress short and khakis and closed toed shoes at Casanova on two evenings. At Palazzina for dinner, Bob wore dress shorts and a polo shirt for two dinners. He also wore khakis and a shirt and tie for the Starlight Gala, but again, no jacket. People got the most dressed up for the Gala, but we saw guys wearing Hawaiian-type shirts with linen slacks, and they looked fine. Bob wore casual shorts and t-shirts to Bella Vista for dinner. I hope this helps.

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    Ref the Red Stripe beer. Can we get these by bottle or is it only draft unless its the in room mini fridge?

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    The mini fridges in the rooms have 2 cans of Caribe beer (beer from Trinidad) (personally, we think it tastes yucky !!). I tried writing in "Red Stripe bottles" on the mini bar request form, such luck. So, for the most part, Red Stripe is only on draft at CSS.


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