Still 2 months away from trip#7 to CN and I've already booked Super Bowl week 2013...and July 4th week 2013 for #8 and #9.

Looks like another year of no birthday...anniversary...Christsmas presents etc for the two of us.....guess we'll stand in the Hallmark store and read the cards to each other that we would have sent....have to keep "feeding the kitty" to pay for this incredible addiction I have.....GOING TO CN!!!!!!!!

As I fall deeper and deeper into this "monkey" on my back I have only Randymon to blame.....the early booking resort credits and 7th night free promotions are much to tempting for a weak soul such as I.

Who knows what I am capable of when we return from our July 2012 trip..still relaxed and in a vacation mode!!!

Be aware..Visa...Master Card and could be the next to feed my CN addiction!!!!!