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Thread: csa in august.

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    Default csa in august.

    just back from css and took avantage of late summer special and booked csa for late august. had the choice of aug. or late oct and went with aug. with the thinking that the weather would be better than it is here in south like 95 with 90 % huminity. have i messed up? let me know what to expect. by the way took clubmobay back, do it. left on tuesday probably saved 30 min at customs.

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    We live about 60 miles north of Houston so I understand your concern. We went to CSA last August and it was a nice break from the 100 degree heat and drought we were experiencing last year. Had a few afternoon showers but they didn't last long. Enjoyed them since we hadn't seen rain for sometime. We were asked by someone why we would travel from someplace hot to "someplace hot". Had to explain that the heat was relative to where you live. We went from 105 degrees to high 80's/lower 90's. Was a pleasant cool down for us.

    CSA will be a little warmer than CSS but still nicer than the Gulf Coast of the U. S. in August. Not as humid and muggy. No worries.

    Have a safe trip.
    Will be there in 77 days.

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    CSA in August if great. Hot,

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    Well I dont think you "messed up" but I know we have been in July and it was VERY humid, late August may be better. We go in late October and really like the weather during that time because there is less humidity.

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    We are heading to CSA in late August as well, 25-1. I'm sure it will be hot but not nearly as hot and humid as the armpit of Florida(Gainesville) will be in late August. I will miss the first Gator football game of the season but I'll take CSA any day over a football game.

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