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    Could someone tell me what they do for christmas eve and christmas day? Do they have any special meals like maybe lobster on the menu for christmas? We have been going to CN the last 6 years but never at christmas. Thanks Diane.

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    Hey Diane, we are returning for our fourth trip to CN and it will also be our first Christmas trip. Would love to hear from someone who has stayed during Christmas before!

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    Our first Christmas trip to CN also so have been wondering the same thing about what happens, the meals, etc. .... See you there Diane & hallpa.

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    So excited to be at CN for christmas! We are bringing another couple with us that have never been to couples before. I know they are going to love it at CN. I wish someone could give us a little info on what goes on for christmas??? See ya at christmas Hallpa and Maxernie. Diane

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    Christmas is absolutely magical at CN. They have a guitarist with a beautiful voice singing Christmas carols. You woud think that the food couldn't get any better, they really go all out. Laast time we were there, Santa arrived in a small boat bearing gifts. He did get wet when he capsized! It really was great. We will be there from xmas through New Years. Then there are ice scupltures an incredible food and entertainment. We were there two years ago and as long as it's possible, my wish is to be at CN every Chrstmas!

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