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    Name:  IMG_4749.jpg
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    Tranquility at it's best!

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    Name:  IMG_3659.jpg
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    One the many places to meet new friends at Couples Negril

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    Name:  IMG_4802.jpg
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    The perfect place for our perfect day.

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    Default Home Away From Home

    Name:  30455_1377737251675_2994461_n.jpg
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    A little "Dirty Dancing" in the pool!

    Name:  307977_2155165646899_753976627_n.jpg
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    Tranquility @ dusk on the beach at CTI

    Name:  421054_2738202142447_1374350990_n.jpg
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    I love this picture so much that I had it blown up to 6' x 4' and it's hanging in my living room!

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    Default On our way to CSA...are we there yet??!!

    On our way to CSA ...Are we there yet??!!
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    Default clebrating our first anniversary~at the place we were married at one year ago :)

    we think of it as a sign..the cloud photo of the man and woman husbands father passed away at home in wisconsin as we were taking this picture at our second home..we left swept away the next day..after his funeral a few days later we went through our pictures, noticed the amaizing picture and then saw the date and time stamp..
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    Name:  Touching on a deeper reality at couples.jpg
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    Touching on a deeper reality. Just like the entire Couples experience, there is so much more than just what appears on the surface.

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    Name:  Change of perspective.jpg
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    Change of perspective. (water terrified all her life but by the end wife was even swimming into sea caves! A magical affect of this paradise)

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    Name:  Beyond beauty at Couples.jpg
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    Beyond beauty. Stunning scenery, but the service we experienced was just as exceptional which transformed this from just a beautiful picture to a cherished memory.

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    Day 1 was very relaxing. Enjoyed the hammock of our Atrium Suite.
    Name:  IMG_1760.jpg
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    A few days later, enjoying our time together.
    Name:  IMG_1762.jpg
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    Let loose with a Bob Marley Shot.

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    Our pot of gold at the end of the rainbow led us to Seagrapes, now we're rich in love!
    Name:  june 2012 jamaica 038.jpg
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    CSA where you can feel totally at one with all your surrondings.

    Name:  june 2012 jamaica 086.jpg
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    Couples Swept Away...where the sun always shinesName:  june 2012 jamaica 021.jpg
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    Name:  209017_250712548376417_633081247_n[1] - Copy.jpg
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    A beautiful sunset at Couples Negril

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    Bonfire on the beach
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    One of many beautiful sunsets at Couples Negril
    Name:  P6080687.jpg
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    Beautiful logo palm mosaic in the Couples Negril pool
    Name:  mosaic3.jpg
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    Sunset at Sunset Beach at Couples Sans Souci June 2012
    Another beautiful vacation

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    The spa area at Couples Sans Souci where I had a massage before we left. June 2012.

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    My husband and I with Skillet and the Rasta!

    Name:  380739_3770082343790_70566569_n.jpg
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    We cannot wait until our return in December! WE LOVE COUPLES SANS SOUCI!!!

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    Default Couples Sans Souci

    Hard to believe it's been almost a year! Can't wait to come home again...

    Tropical Colors:

    Through the Foliage:

    Mineral Grotto, Up Close:

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    Default Napping with my little buddy :)

    Name:  PICT0260.jpg
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    Napping with my little buddy
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    Default Beautiful sunsets no matter how you look at it.

    Name:  IMG_2640.jpg
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    Beautiful sunsets no matter how you look at it.
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    Default Conquering lion, King of the pool bar!

    Name:  conquering lion.jpg
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    Conquering lion, King of the pool bar!
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    Quote Originally Posted by lmschlecht View Post
    Name:  PICT0260.jpg
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    Napping with my little buddy.

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    our June sumbissions (CTI June 18-22) a BLISSFUL 4 nights in paradise!

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    Name:  P1000228.jpg
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    Name:  P1000231.jpg
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    Can't wait for our next visit to Couples!

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    Name:  082311 611.jpg
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    Is there a better place to be than at a Couples Resort? No way mon!

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    Name:  082311 572.jpg
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    We couldn't be happier!

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    Default My favorite picures of Jamaica!

    Name:  Looking for Lunch.jpg
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    Excuse me, did you see a crab run by here?

    Name:  Orchids at Tower Isle.jpg
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    Beautiful Orchids in the Tower Isle Gardens. Thanks to Glenroy for the tour!

    Name:  Sunrise.jpg
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    Sunrise at Tower Isle. We loved sitting on the balcony in the morning.

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    Name:  DSCN0284b.jpg
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Size:  57.3 KBName:  DSCN0011.jpg
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Size:  24.8 KBanother day in paradise!! sixn 78

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    These photos are from our last two trips to our favorite resort CSA : )
    Name:  pics 2 4033.jpg
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Size:  33.8 KBName:  swept away sunset hammock.jpg
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Size:  43.9 KBName:  pic17 copy copy.jpg
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    1. sunset view from the beach
    2. sunset view of my favorite photo spot (hammock)
    3. one of many of our favorite things to do at CSA

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