We just came back Saturday from our first visit to CSA. I have to say it was the most amazing vacation we have ever taken and we have been to Hawaii twice and a 10 day cruise. I can not think of a thing that we were disappointed in.
The ride from the airport was long but we had a blast. We me some great couples and did a lot of laughing.
We were up every morning by 8 to have breakfast and hit the beach. We loved walking on the beach and just soaking up the sun. The water was a little rough a couple of days but we didn't mind. It made it challenging and fun.
We enjoyed the beach bars and bartenders like Dermon and Marlene. We enjoyed the singers who walked along the beach, especially Iceblock. The Martini bar was fun with Ricardo as the bartender. We tried several new flavors.
The food at all of the restaurants was great and the shows very enjoyable. We had fun with Chocolate at the piano bar and spent every night at the night club dancing our behinds off. The bartenders like Cindy and Omar were great.
We had such a great time that we are going back next year, but plan on getting a beach front room. We were in the Great House this time and thought it was very nice. We had a nice ocean view.
Best time ever!!
Patty & Steve