I'm planning to book CSA for my wedding in July 2013, I absolutely love the place after reading the reviews and looking at youtube videos of ceremonies there, but here is my problem: guests who will attend, most of them, have kids and will combine our wedding with their vacation, they will be staying at the kids friendly hotels nearby CSA, we anticipate 20 guests in total. CSA policy states a maximum of 5 off-property couples may attend, but our guests might not be couples, most of them are singles and some of them are singles with children! Does that mean that not all our guests may be able to attend the wedding?

Second problem is reception.
It's said that we would have to pay $50-$100 per person just to get the pass on to the property. As I understand this doesn't include food and drinks. We are young couple on the budget and this is why we chose destination wedding. Paying $2000 for everyone's passes + food and drinks is way out of our budget. Are there any venues outside of CSA that would be able to hold a reception for 20 for a reasonable price.
What can we do? Any suggestions, ideas, please help!