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    Default CN or CSA...Help me choose!

    Really trying to decide between these two resorts. I was leaning toward CSA until I read so many reviews that said it was near impossible to get beach chairs at CSA. What are your thoughts comparing both resorts? Anyone been to both?

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    Dont worry about beach chairs at CSA. They have more chairs than guests. The worse that could happen is you have to drag chairs around. I saw this happen when groups of 4 or more wanted to sit together. That being said we never had to do that, sat in shade under palm trees each day, didnt get to beach until 930, and...the resort was full.

    I havent been to CN but you may get a better answer if you describe what your idea of a fantastic vacation is. Each individual person thinks "fantastic vacation" means somethign else. For us we wanted best beach, good nightlife, many options for food and drink. Our travel agent recommended CSA after having a conversation with us, and she was exactly right. (She thought CN might be too quiet at night for us.)

    Either way i doubt you can go wrong! We are returning to CSA later this month, first time for us ever repeating a resort.

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    Never had a problem finding beach loungers in 4 trips to CSA.

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    If your leaning towards CSA, book it! I haven't stayed at CN, only did 2 day passes, but I have stayed at CSA 8x , the latest being in December, and have trip 9 already booked and NEVER had a problem finding a beach chair. I myself am puzzled by those reviews since the resort was at full capacity my last two trips and as I said, never had a problem. I"m not saying the reviewers didn't experience what they said but I think its gotten waaay overblown. Just my opinion, and experience.

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    We've been to both and have never had a problem getting a beach chair at either. If CSA is the resort that's calling to you then go for it. Each resort is different but both have beautiful beaches.

    CSA has a longer beach but not as deep with comparison to CN which has less beachfront but more beach depth. Another difference is that CSA is more spread out with rooms being found in bungalow style 2 story buildings (except for the Verandah's which are 3-story) with the dining, computer and entertainment being located at either end of the resort. CN is the opposite with the 9 hotel style buildings being peripheral and the restaurants and all being centralized around the main pool.

    Both are beautiful with great staff that will make your stay relaxing and enjoyable. The thing to do in selecting your resort is to see which has the things you want. Once you make your choice...make reservations and prepare to have the vacation of a lifetime. Then prepare to want to go back again and again.


    Bart & Bug

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    Don't worry about beach chairs - we have NEVER had an issue. You might have to drag some chairs to where you want to sit but it's not a big deal. We return for our 3rd trip next week.

    I've only been to CN for a few hours and that was initially my first choice (the one I had researched most) but hubby (then b/f) wanted to try CSA and since I wasn't set on either, that's where we went. So glad we did! They both have excellent staff - the few hours we were at CN, we were not treated as outsiders. The staff was super friendly, the food was good, the grounds beautiful. They even had a cab called for us in minutes when I wasn't feeling up to par and just wanted a nap back in our room at CSA.

    In our short time there - the biggest difference I noticed was that CN was more compact - everything surrounds the pool area and the pool is awesome! Restaurants and shops closest and rooms behind those. The beach is not as long but just as nice. Couples does a great job with beach maintenance. CSA is more spread out with the fitness/spa across the street and this appeals to us - we like to walk the beach as well as walk across the resort. We also love the fitness area - we are by no means in shape - lol - but we love the little walking path and the lap pool in the fitness area.

    As many will tell you - go with the one that calls to you more (or in my case, have your significant other make the tie-breaking decision! ) You will have an excellent time at any!

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    We have been to both and enjoy both and have never had an issue getting chairs at either. We prefer CSA for more dining options, evening entertainment and the sports complex.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dave & tricia View Post
    Really trying to decide between these two resorts. I was leaning toward CSA until I read so many reviews that said it was near impossible to get beach chairs at CSA. What are your thoughts comparing both resorts? Anyone been to both?

    We just got back last night from CN and we were at CSA last year. Are beach chairs the only reason you would choose CN over CSA?
    We also did trading places for the day and got to visit CSA. So, we were a bit disappointed in CN. We always thought CN was our favorite until this trip. CSA by far, by none....better quality. The beach was cleaner, the grounds were spectacular.
    We were visitors at CSA this year and didn't have any trouble finding beach chairs. We got there around 11 and found a place right away. It wasn't the busiest season though.

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    My wife and I have been to CN many times and we have done the Trading Places Day to CSA twice.
    We have tried so hard to like CSA but it just does not appeal to us..To us,CSA is just to large,not enough chairs with shade and has to many locals on it's beach.

    CN..Couples Negril is located in a very large bay..Being at CN is like being on a South Pacific Island..To us,CN is Jamaica..CN is located on what we believe is "THE" beach of Negril...I highlyrecommend CN over CSA.

    But..You choose,go,relax,have fun and enjoy yourselves.

    Hgs from 10 0 c

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    The good news here is this is A WIN WIN situation. Whatever you choose, you win. I like both. You can't lose. Don't worry so much. Choose from your gut and go!

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    Each Resort has its own flavor, and like ice cream we all have our personal preferences. We have been to CN 6 times, and did the day pass to CSA. You can see which flavor we liked...

    On the day we did the day pass to CSA we encountered the problem with the lack of lounge chairs on the beach. Yes there were a lot of chairs on the beach, but many were empty, however they were “reserved by the guests" who were somewhere else in the resort (not the water), but they left their towels or bags on the chairs. You only do this if there is a shortage. Later that week, we were allowed one evening to catch the headliner AJ Brown at CSA, and we had a great time, wonderful dinner. However I saw many guests dragging "Their beach chairs back towards the buildings", essentially reserving their chairs for tomorrow, and IMHO compounding the chair problem.

    Well I digress; both resorts will give you the vacation of your life. Choose your flavor; of those two resorts we like CN.

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    Thank you everyone....I really appreciate all the help and advice. I think I've settled on CSA now....can't wait!!

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    If you are leaning towards CSA, then do it! You will not regret it. CSA ROCKS!

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    Something to keep in mind is that CSA and CN offer slightly different amenities.

    If you are looking for au naturel, pick CN over CSA.

    If you are looking for a large sports complex with lap pool, pick CSA over CN.

    Both resorts now have swimup bars, but the swimup bar at CN is much larger than at CSA and is the definite social focal point of the resort.

    CSA has more dining options than CN.

    You can only get a room that is truly on the beach at CSA. The CN rooms are set further back from the beach.

    As for the dreaded chair situation, I will preface this by saying that we always go in peak season (January/February). On our past trip in February, there was definitely a chair shortage. On one day, our friends got to the beach before 9:00 and could not find lounge chairs with floaty pads anywhere on the beach (and they walked A LOT). I do think, though, that this was largely due to the clientele that happened to be staying there that week. There were large groups of people saving multiple sets of chairs in the shade and sun. During the second half of our stay, there was never a problem finding chairs no matter what time of day. I've also heard that they bought more chairs and replaced some of the pads since our stay.

    Chair saving is an issue at almost every resort, whether it's Couples or someplace else. If you REALLY want to see chair saving mayhem, try to get a lounger on a cruise ship on a "day at sea."

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