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    Just wondering if I need to throw a long sleeve shirt, cardigan, or sweatshirt in my suitcase? Does it get cool out at night? I would think not but someone brought it up and we leave on Saturday for CSA and I just want to make sure. Thanks, beachgal

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    We just got back and I didnt need anything long one bit and we sat on our porch with a BFS and it wasnt really that cool to be honest. It felt good in the AC in our room hahahha

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    I always bring a light sweater or wrap. Some of the restaurants that are air conditioned can be quite chilly, and if you have spent the day in and sun and over-indulged and are burnt, you might be a little chilled. So my advice would be to throw one in just in case

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    If you tend to chill easily, you should definitely taking something light with you. I personally get chill bumps when it is 75 and breezy, so I always take a cardigan for evening strolls or dining.

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