My boyfriend and I have been to CSS twice and to CTI once, when it was still COR and we loved both these resorts. We were thinking that it might be time to try the other side of the island next winter, and we are thinking about CN. The pictures I have seen on the website and from other people have looked wonderful and "islandy" and I love the room decor. The only thing that slightly worries me is that I have read some reviews on TA that complain about the lack of pane windows in the bathrooms. Specifically, in that the shutters let in a lot of mosquitos and bugs at night. Is this true? I have thoroughly given up on trying to control my curly hair in Jamaica, so humidity in the bathrooms doesnt bother me anymore, but I think it might become annoying if we wake up wth dozens of mosquito bites. Any advice out there? Is it really that big a problem or are these just people nitpicking?