I would 1st like to thank the staff at CTI, from the warm welcome from Byron to Simone making sure our 28th anniversary dinner was booked correctly even thou Bayside was booked solid that evening and the other staff members that stop my wife & I to checkout our "Couples" Tattoos and got the biggest kickout out of them.

The 2nd "Thank you" goes to our old CTI buddies Cynde & Blair, these two have made CTI a very special for us the 3 times we have visited CTI. And the new friends we made this past week, Kevin & Linda, Alan,Holly,Maggie,Toronto, Eric & Stacy and all the other "Islanders" and the guest who simply yelled "Hey Bostonwalt"....I thank you.

And last but not least a special thank you to my lovely beautiful wife, who puts up with me year round and knows how I dream every day about "coming home"

Thanks everyone for a wonderful vacation at Couples Tower Isle.