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    Default Upgrading rooms after booking during a special?

    We booked back in March when the special was 7th night free and $300 resort credit. I e-mailed Couples to see if we could upgrade to an Atrium Suite from a Garden Verandah but was told if we do the room change, we would lose the added bonuses.... but I read that you can use the resort credits towards room upgrades. Does anyone know if you just have to wait until you arrive to do the upgrade? I def don't want to lose the bonuses but would love to be in an Atrium again...thanks!

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    Yes, I called the resort to ask the same thing. We wanted to upgrade to a BFS, but they told us we would have to wait until we get there or we would lose the free night Nd trip insurance. We would keep the resort credit. Mso, we are taking our chances and going to try and upgrade at checkin. Obviously paying the difference, but at is the only way we would keep our free night.

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    I'm actually wondering something similar. If you get an upgrade at check in, does it always cost more, or are you ever upgraded complimentary because the resort isn't full?


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    We've been upgraded 3 times (gratis) in our last 9 (twice to the Beachfront Suite room with the wraparound porch)! Woo Hoo!! We generally stay for 9-10 nights, so maybe that makes a difference? I don't know. Since CSA has become more popular (and more full), I think it's risky to plan to be upgraded, either free or pay...

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    I wish we had known this when we booked. We took advantage of the 7th night free/$300 resort credit deal recently, and booked a Garden Verandah Suite. After seeing that it's only a little bit more, my husband has been trying to contact Couples to upgrade to an atrium suite. He hasn't gotten a response yet, so I guess we will wait until we get there and see if we can upgrade at check-in. It's not worth losing our free night and credit, but I'd really rather be in an atrium suite.

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    do not count on getting an upgrade, book what you want. I have been to Couples 16 times and stay for 3 weeks a year and have never gotten an upgrade>

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