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    We have been married 31 years in October. We will be at CSS September 26th until Oct. 4th to celebrate! Maybe we will see you there.... this will be our 6th trip to Couples and 2nd to CSS. Julie and Mike.

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    My wife & I have been together since high school, 42 years ago. We will celebrate our 33rd anniversary on June 8th. We renewed our vows for our 25th in the beautiful garden area by the spa at CN back in 2004. We were with 2 other couples who came with us and 2 others we met on the shuttle on our way to CN. It was as good if not better than our original wedding day. It was definitely a better setting!
    We honestly do believe that going to Couples every year has kept our marriage and love for each other as strong as it was back in 1979 when we married. A week at Couples is cheaper than a years worth of marriage counseling and you'll get immediate results as soon as you step off the shuttle!
    When we return "home" to Couples, we're in our 20's again! CSS in April, soon come!

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    17 years this year with visits about every other year. The other years our trips are with our kids. I agree Couples recharges the honeymoon batteries.
    Mark & Sylvia

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    We were married 32 years ago this September and spent our honeymoon at CTI (then COR) in 1980!
    We loved Couples back then and more every trip back. Couples is our home away from home were friendships are made for life with the guests and staff!

    Paul & Debbie
    CTI Sept. '80, Sept. '04, Nov. '05, Sept.'06 (Renewed our Vows), '07, '09, '10, Oct. '11, Jan.'12
    CSS Sept.'08
    CN Oct.'11
    Booked for this September at CTI

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    My wife and I will be celebrating our 20th this December and we are coming home then. Fifth trip and we renewed our vows at CTI on our 15th anniversary. It was beautiful.

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    We have been married 38 years next month. It's not as long as some on here, but I couldnt' be married that much longer since we got married 3 weeks after I graduated from high school, at the age of 18.

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    Hi There-
    My husband and I have been married 23 years. We thank CSS for our longevity. We were in a bad place marriage-wise some 12 years ago. (Divorce was at hand>) We took our first trip to CSS to spend time together and discuss our future. Well we fell back in love and were reminded why we got married in the firstplace. We became best friends again. We have been to CSS five more times since then. Our next trip will be in November. CSS is still magical for me and my best bud! Have a wonderful anniversary trip and I wish you many,many more!

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    Well, we won't be "repeaters" until next May, which will also be when we celebrate our 15th anniversary!


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    2011 We spent at CTI, Celebrating 25 happy years,, cant wait to get back to what we now call vacation home as well,, Hope too Feb of 2013
    Darn sure by Feb of 2014,, if we have to work 2 jobs

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    Just celebrated 25 years - our next trip will be a delayed 25th anniversary trip to Couples.

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    We will celebrating our 30th at Negril in 2 weeks. Actually will be our 30 1/2. Our son got married in October, 2011 5 days after our we are a little late in celebrating. But looking forward to it all the same!

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    We've been married 26 years, but been together 30 years! And ever since we got married, we were told to have a date night. Now, it just happens to be date week at Couples!!!

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    33 years this July.

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    Congrats on your 20th, and we wish you many many more. We will be at CSS this June for our 38th. Jamaica come soon.....

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    Grats to you!
    My wife and I celebrated our 30th at CN last summer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lissyray View Post
    My hubby and I are taking our third trip to Couples (CSS) in September to celebrate our 20th anniversary. I have noticed from reading the message board that there seem to be a lot of Couples repeaters who have been married for a long time. Maybe it's because we take time out (at Couples) to spend quality time with our spouses. Anyway, I was just long have you been married?
    My wife Susan and I are going on 17 years this August. Will be at CTI about 3 weeks early to celebrate!

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    25 years in July. We will be renewing our vows on the beach at CSA in August.
    Proud palapa hoarder since 2007 !!!

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    Maxine and Rich Honeymooned @ The Jamaica Playboy Club in January 1968 (now it's Beaches Boscobal Beach) We have been to Jamaica 22 times since. 10 times to Couples resorts. Next time we go to CN in Dec 2012 to celebrate our almost 45th anniversary!

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    We celebrated our 29th anniversary on Monday. Last November, we renewed our vows at CTI and as a surprise for my husband, our children attended the ceremony. He couldn't believe it when we walked out to the wedding gazebo and saw them waiting for us. Many thanks to the CTI staff who helped pull off the surprise!

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    My husband and I celbrated out 25th at CTI in 2010. We are coming home in 2013 for out 28th. This time we are bringing another couple and they will be celebrating their 5th.

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    First trip to Couplese wiill be to CN in June to celebrate 20 Years

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    It's 43 years this August and they said it wouldn't last. Nearly didn't a couple of times but we hung on in there. There's always good years and bad years only good years now we have grown up and old together.
    Last trip to Jamaica and Couples in June. Retiring so need to watch the pennies.
    We will be so sad to leave but have such wonderful memories it's just a shame we didn't find Couples earlier fifth trip in June

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    This is the BEST thread ever........

    Life, and love, are good

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    Just celebrated 28 year this past 4/29 at CTI....what a great time...hope to celebrate #30 at CN.

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    Wow! Y'all are so inspiring

    CSA 2009, 2014 [20th anniversary]
    CSS 2010
    CN 2011
    CTI 2017 [50th birthday & 23rd anniversary], 2019 [25th anniversary]

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