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    We have been married 29 years and just got back from CSS. We also celebrated our 25 anniversary at CSS. It is a great resort and we are planning on back. Great food and great people

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    We will be celebrating our 14th anniversary at CSS in August. It will be our 12th trip to Couples over all and I made the same observation years ago just prior to renewing our vows at CTI for our 10th anniversary. We had 20+ guests, all friends that we had made over the years. Several couples were married 20+ years and one couple had just celebrated their 50th! Seeing that love can endure is inspirational.

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    42 years last November. We just returned a couple of weeks ago from CN. We love our annual trip to Couples. We've been to CSS in 2010, CTI in 2011 and now CN in 2012. Planning on booking 2013 back to CSS.
    Mike & Martha

    CSS 2010, 2013, 2014
    CTI 2011
    CN 2012

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    It's gratifying to see so many long term relationships on this list. We all must be doing something right.
    I know, for us, finding Couples in 1995 has made a world of difference in our time together. Looking forward to going, enjoying it while we are there, and remembering all of it "long after the thrill of living is gone".

    Congratulations to all of us.

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    We will celebrate our 30th anniversary in September at CN. I wouldn't want to be anywhere else..

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    13 years today on the 29th of May, and we will can't wait to be at CSS in Oct. It will be our first trip and we are counting the days.

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    We just celebrated our 20th at CSS this past February. It was our first time at Couples, first time AN and we are saving up to return for #21 next year!

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    Wow! Seeing these numbers inspire us!!!! We'll be celebrating 7 years in June! And counting!!! CN in 7 days!!! Yeah Mon!!

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    the first time we went to CN was for our 30th anniversary, we have been back every yr since. We celebrated our 36 yrs this past March. We don't go for our anniversavry any longer, to expensive, so we go in Dec and celebrate my husbands birthday there. He will be 60 this yr

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    42 years today! We celebrated at CN earlier in the month with our 5th trip. Making plans for next year.

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    Been together 37 years....married 35 years ( second time for each of us)...Fell in love with Couples, OchoRios in 1982....been to all....Not a better Product Out There !!! So many times, we do not count...
    Thank you.. Abe Issa and family !!!!

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    Celebrating our 22nd at CSA this November...first time to Couples and the anticipation is killing me

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    devin n ami 26 yrs. this sept. first trip to css. 6/24..WOW no kids this time!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    We will be married 30 years on February 24.
    We will be at CTI in January for my birthday. 3rd time at CTI and 4th Couples trip (CSA once). And 40 plus trips to Jamaica. Couples has an exceptional product. And it's as good as it was when we first went in the 1980's. Glad we came back to couples.

    Carol and Dave....

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    On our first trip to Couples it was our 20th anniversary. Next Spring on our trip to Couples it will be our 32nd. You are going at just the right time.

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    We will be celebrating 30 years in the very soon. We are sooooo excited for our trip.

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    We will be celebrating our 22ish hour wedding anniversary on your first trip to CTI in October

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    10 years on July 27th

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    We just celebrated our 52nd !!! wedding anniversary. Our seventh trip to Couples is scheduled for October (1 time to CSS and this will be the 6th to CN). For one of my anniversary presents to my husband, I gave him a full-page magazine ad I had found where Victor Borge was promoting Jamaica. He said (in part), "Two kinds of people come to Jamaica, traveled and untraveled. The untraveled donít know better. The traveled donít know better either. There is no better." Couldn't have said it better myself.

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    It will be 5 years on Jan. 9, 2013. On that date in 2008 we were married at CSA. Best day ever. We spent our 3rd anniversary at CSS (with a CTI split). I'd love to spend our 5th back at CSA, with a CN split perhaps... but we just bought a place and don't think it will be in the budget this year

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    Bumping this thread!

    Quote Originally Posted by jdgtunc21 View Post
    I have been married almost 2 weeks.

    5/12/12 was the BIG day!! We went to Couples Swept Away 5/14-5/21 and it was AWESOME!!
    It's almost been 1 year since we got married! We will be at CTI for our 1-year anniversary

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    We will be celebrating 8 years next Tuesday. Got back last Friday after celebrating for a week at CSA. Looking forward to returning for anniversary #9.

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    25 years on May 28th and we will be at CSA to celebrate!!! Counting down and very excited about this trip!

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    We will celebrate our 46 wedding anniversary on May 28. Still married to the same woman. Wonderful.

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    At another resort last summer they asked for a show of hands for all those who had been married for less than a year. We didn't raise our hands. Then at least 5 years. The at least got us. So up went our hands with about 20 other couples. Then at least 10 years. Ours + 15 couples. 15 years. Ours plus 5 others. 20. It was a race between us and two others. 25. Just 2 left. 30. We were all by our selves. "How long?" they asked. I said 36. The wife said 37 at the same time. So we were the couple that had been married 36-37 years all week. Oh well, at least one of us can do math. So this summer we will be at 37. Lets see 2013 minus 1976. Hmmmmmm.

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