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    Its 4:00 am and I've never been happier to be up at this hour because we are getting ready to begin our journey to Couples Sans Souci. Our plane leaves Boston at 8:00 with a layover in NY arriving at Mo Bay at 1:15. I figure we should be at the resort around 4:00 and at the bar around 4:05. Just think, the next time I'm on this board we will be at CSS with ten great days to relax and enjoy.

    Jim & Rita

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    That is about how long it takes us to get to the bar too. Have a great time.

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    It's 4am and I'm sitting here reading your post and thinking that that will be me tomorrow!

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    We landed in Mo Bay around 1:00 but had to wait for a gate to clear. Customs only took 15 minutes and claiming our bags another 15 minutes so we were in the Couples Lounge with Red Stripe in hand around 1:45. The ride to CSS was longer than expected (almost two hours without a stop) so we arrived at CSS around 4:00. Check in was quick and off we went to enjoy our 10 night stay. We are at the main pool right now relaxing with our morning coffee.

    Jim & Rita

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    That will be us in 44 days!!

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