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    Caribbean Airlines no longer flying out of Philly starting in July, only New York

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    Thanks so much for the info. Love the message board especially for this reason.

    Just spoke w/Air Jamaica and was informed that they are in the process of contacting passengers who have booked future flights. Hopefully that will be the case, but you may want to check on your status if traveling in the near future.

    They informed us that in September we will be taking US Air out of Philadelphia leaving approx 2 hours later and returning home approx. 3 hrs earlier.

    Good luck!

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    I know. It sucks. When Air Jamaica came to Boston some years back, it was awesome. Direct in 3 1/2 hours. I think they lasted two or three years. Maybe even less. I really don't remember. But it sure was a luxury.

    Now we have about 6-7 hours of flying time. Boston to Charlotte, Charlotte to MBJ. Bummer.

    Sorry Philly area

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    Default Totally Canceling?

    Quote Originally Posted by Jamon View Post
    Caribbean Airlines no longer flying out of Philly starting in July, only New York
    We rec'd a notification (on Saturday) that the departure time was moved up a couple of hours, but no mention of cancellation. I checked their website. Still shows our flight leaving Dec 1st and returning Dec 8th

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    Thanks for the information, my travel agent also called. Have used this flight for 20 years sorry to see it go. The worst part is the new flight on US air is $450.00 more.

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    Caribbean first canceled the day we were flying and we had to change our days, now they are not flying out of Philly anymore and we can't afford the higher rates on US Air. It will take 8 to 12 weeks for our card to be credited back to us.

    Caribbean may be out of business by December anyway, thats what our TA thinks.

    This may hurt tourism to Jamaica because of the higher air costs, which some people cannot afford, especially if you are paying for insurance. It was worse paying the higher air from Caribbean, but now US Air is even higher. Doesn't make sense because the flights out of Philly seemed to be full, at least when we flew. The last 23 years have been great and if we can't afford to return, it will be a sad day for us, it's something we have looked forward to, have to wait and see what the TA comes up with.

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    We're in the same boat.......looks like we'll have to cancel, also. Cost went from $948 for both of us and now that Carribean has cancelled Philly flights, I think U.S. Air is jumping on their opportunity. Just took a look and it would be about $1450 for us to fly out of Philly on 12/1...... I guess all good things come to an end. Gonna miss paradise but one door closes, another opens.........

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