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    Default Negril or Tower Isle - May or July????

    I know they are in different areas. I have read so much information that I am overloaded. We are looking for a nice calm beach, no wind, and great service. I would like to go when it is not raining everyday and we have to worry about the weather. We can handle the heat....I live in Florida! We have never been to Jamaica or to an all inclusive resort. So I have no comparison. I do have a friend that has been to many and she has given me some information on places and what is there. But she has never been in May or July. So which is the windest and rainest time and why would you pick the resort of choice? I plan on booking it this month for next year so I need help. I want the great 55% off deal they have going on
    We are ages 46 and 50 and just want a nice calm vacation.
    Thanks so much

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    I can't speak to the Negril Couples resort(s), but the wife and I took our first all-inclusive vacation to Tower Isle just last November. I would say, CTI was a *very* laid-back atmosphere. Sure, there was a volleyball game on the beach at one point while we were there, but most people during our visit were content to loaf on the loungers or float in the ocean. I think, too, that all the Couples will in general be a bit more "laid back" than other AI resorts, as it is *only* couples. So, no kids and definitely not the "party hard" atmosphere of some resorts which shall remain nameless... It was never very windy, and only got what I would call "gusty" once for a bit.

    I suspect the short answer for you, based on what I've read on here, is if you go to Couples, you won't go wrong!

    As for getting an idea as to the weather, this seems to be a helpful guide:

    Regardless of which resort you choose, enjoy yourselves!

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    IMHO, sounds like Negril to me. At either resort (CSA or CN) there is a beautiful beach and very little wind. I have stayed at CTI and I find it a little more windy there. Since you are from Florida, you understand the hurricane situation. Again, IMHO, I think there are fewer hurricanes in May than in July.

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    You have just described CN. This is the place for you. We always go in July. The bay is calm so calm that you forget you are on an ocean. You feel like you are on your own island. Not much traffic. This place is heaven. Oh and your first experience with Couples and an All Inclusive is awesome. We are from the south and we feel like it is hotter where we live. We are going back for trip #8. Enough said.

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    We have been to Tower Isle 3 times and CN 6. We love them both but prefer CN because of the amazing beach and atmosphere. We have been in both May and July but prefer May. We actually just returned from CN last week and the weather was perfect except for a little rain the first day we arrived. July is alot hotter and more humid. I agree with the fact that CTI receives more wind than the negril side. Either one you choose you can't go wrong. The staff at both are amazing. By the way my husband and I are both 45.

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    I live in FL as well, we've only been to CSA, but it reminded me of the calmest day on the Panhandle. It's more like a lake than an ocean. Very calm and the whole resort is very laid back. We are going on our second trip in 17 days to CSA, but who's counting? :-)

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    we have been to couple negril 2 times and from what we have read from all the other posts , all the couples resorts are beatiful laid back and just plain paradise. CN is in bloody bay which is where all the boats anchor during hurricanes due to the fact that it is on the far west side and guarded by the bay. the water was very calm and great for swimming. we go in june and have 5 days til we leave for our next trip.

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