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    My wife and I will be at CSS from June 2nd through June 6th.

    We booked our trip without realizing that CSS had a AN section but after finding out we decided WHAT THE HELL!

    We are both excited and cannot wait to finally enjoy a vacation free and relaxed.

    I have read all of the posts but are there any REAL IMPORTANT information we should know before hand?

    18 days until Paradise!!!!!

    Russell and Karina

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    Relax and enjoy. Sit on a towel. No pictures of others. And that it will change your life as far as going on vacation. You will not want to go anywhere that does not have AN as an option.

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    My wife and I decided WHAT THE HELL about 5 years ago. Now we go every 1-2 years and spend all day at the AN beach. JUST DO IT!!!! You'll love the freedom!!!

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    We have lots of information about CSS and SSB. I know you are leaving soon, but if you send us an e-mail to , we'll send the information to you right away, and lots of pictures, too! You are going to absolutely fall in love with CSS and SSB!

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    Sunscreen, sunscreen, & then more sunscreen!!!! Be very liberal with sunscreen at the start because you can adjust during the week as you get used to do not want to get fried the first day or two

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    I usually work on a base tan for 1-2 months prior, but then, as we all know, the sun is quite intense in Jamaica...especially to areas that don't get much sun typically.

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    Just try it, you may or may not like it, (I think you will). Just do a clean up and enjoy.
    Irie Mon

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