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    Default 5th Time to couples.

    This will be my 5th time to couples. You can say were jamerician!!! We started at tower Island then won the photo contest so we went to Sans souci. Then we went to swept away and then negril. We had a hard start in our life for 2012. We need to take it back to the beginning where we connected to the Island. The count down begins 148 days until we have a red stripe!!
    see ya soon

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    I beleive you will be there the same time as us. go over to the meet up thread and say Hi.

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    Wow! You guys have been to them all! We have only been to CTI twice (3rd time coming up in October) and to CSS once. Which one is your favorite? And, which one will you be going to in 147 days? Have a great time!

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