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    Default Christmas hatters meet up 2012

    Let's start a new thread - the other is getting very long and new guests to the board may not realize there are a number of pages. We need to come up with a date for the meet up. How about Dec. 12 - this is also Larry's 60th birthday. Let's PARTY HARDY.

    Larry & Deb - Edgewood, MD 12/7 - 12/15

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    Great idea Happytimes. I've gone looking for the existing threads too and they are difficult to find. We arrive 12/22 and depart 1/05. No surprise here, but we cannot wait!

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    sorry we will be missing you, but you will have a wonderful trip. Have a great vacation Jamietrish

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    Hey Debbie!!
    Haven't been on in awhile, but saw you thread IMMEDIATELY! Larry is going to be 60??? HOLY COW!! We will see how many Bob Marley's he can do this year!! LOL!! How are you guys doing??

    Where is my friend Carolyn??

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    Not as many as last year!! We never made it to dinner. I had to go and get our dinner and take it back to the room. Larry nevery even ate his. I am keeping my eye on him this year. He isn't as young as he use to be. HE'S GOING TO BE AN OLD MAN

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    moving up - 139 days until the party starts

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    I don't know about the rest of you, but I am going to celebrate Larry's birthday the way it should be celebrated!!! It's not every day that you turn 60!! I plan on drinking 1 more Bob Marley than I did last year; that will make it 8 of them. Yum yum. I think we should make reservations for the Otheite (?) for dinner that night. How about it Debbie? If so, we'll need to tell Melody and Tom and whoever else wants to join in. It will be here before you know it.

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    BOB MARLEYS???????????????????????

    You crazy woman!!!

    Poor Larry.............he is going to be tormented by us women, isn't he??

    JUST booked my airfare! We are all set now!

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    That sure sounds like fun. I don't know if we will be able to make it this year. Jim will beat Larry to 60 by almost 1 month. We may have to break down and come down too. Right now I have off the week before but maybe we can change that even though we weren't going to go this year. We spend a lot of money on other things this year such as new floors and new truck. We needed the new truck though because it was really getting bad. I guess I could think about working a couple of extra days, but I'm really hoping to go in the spring this time. No direct flights is a killer. If we don't see you again have fun and remember that Larry wasn't the only one that didn't make it to dinner that night.
    Karin and Jim (always Karin)

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    PS, Happy Birthday early Larry!!!

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    Hahaha Karin!!
    I think you should work some extra days so that you CAN go!!

    And pre-happy birthday to Jim too!!

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    We need to bump this up closer to the top so that it doesn't get lost in the mail!! Karin, I agree with Melody. I think you should just bite the bullet and come on down. I think this years party is going to set new records! I am so looking forward to seeing my friends again. Becky, don't forget yours and Dennis Christmas hat. Counting the days. Yea Mon!!

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    Carolyn, nice to hear from you and great that you think we should come down again. It was a fun time and one never knows what we may end up doing. I surely do miss CN. Did not like the long plane ride home last year though. Maybe if the flight and the price is right we will end up coming. I did save that week vacation, just in case.

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    Larry& Deb We would love to join you at the hatters meet up as we have not been since the meetup in 2009! We will be arriving on the 6th so we will see you guys there!
    Here is a pic of the last meetup I attendedName:  Hatters Meet Up.jpg
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Size:  78.5 KB

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    I should have said that that last post was from Holly & Adam - part of the original MN Six Pack!!!

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    Still haven't bought hats but will be attending no matter. I will make it a mission to get one before we go
    Hope we have a good turnout this year. It's a good year to celebrate! Most of us are making trip #7, which is so funny that so many of us are at the same number, just not the same years. So apparently there will be 7's some how worked in there............shots?
    Can't wait to see some friends we haven't seen in a couple years.... ya, you, Becky and Dennis, Holly and Adam!

    Hope everyone that creeps this thread comes down and at least says "hi". Its a fun group made funnier with silly hats. Everyone is welcome!

    37 more days till Paradise

    Hi Carolyn!! Hi Debbie!!
    Ya, too

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    LOL...look at that pic!! Dennis will be bringing that hat again this year!!
    Have a Happy Day!

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    30 More days!! Can't wait to see everyone!! We have our hats ready to go!! Won't be long and we will be enjoying the sun and fun!
    Have a Happy Day!

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    31 more days, but who's counting???? YA! THIS GIRL!!!!!

    Thought for sure I would see some more postings by today. Everyone must be sleeping or something! Where is Carolyn and Debbie? HUH???? I am going through withdrawals here!! NEED A FIX!

    Started my Xmas shopping! 1 down, 30 to go! HAHA!! Mine needs to be done before I go, I don't get home until really late on the 23rd, might as well say the 24th and we have the family get-together that day....leaves no time for shopping!

    Becky, thanks for posting something...............I keep checking....and keep seeing was really nice to see SMILEMON posted. Maybe its going to be just you and me at the Hatters Meetup?

    Ok....I am not gonna check back for TWO days..............GET POSTING!

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    Hi Melody, hope you have fun down there. Wishing we could join you esp. now that it has gotten so cold and the snow has started. It is going to be a long winter here. I just got my schedule for next month and now even if I were to decide to come at the last minute we really can't because they didn't give me enough time off that week. I would've had to get the Friday before and/or the Sat. after which I have neither of. I can't see coming for less than a week because 2 days are travel days and it would not be worth it. Please have a Bob Marley for Jim (I don't do them but a rum punch would work for me) and think of us. Say hello to everyone else. We will probably come down next year for sure, just don't know yet if it will be spring or Dec.
    Have fun,
    Jim and Karin

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    Melody, so you think it's just going to be you and Becky at the meet up??? WELL THINK AGAIN, SWEETIE!!!!!!!! I can name you four VIPS ( Bill, Carolyn, Debbie and Larry ) Makes me so sad that you thought you were going to leave us out.
    Karin, don't worry honey, Larry and I will have several Bob Marleys for Jim. We will miss you.

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    First of all....we will miss you Jim and Karin! Maybe next year!!

    HAHAHA Carolyn!! Finally got a rise out of you! So now we know that there will be at least 8 of us!

    Bought my Xmas hat yesterday. All I can say is "pucker up!"

    25 more days!!

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    Please post of picture of you guys at the swim-up bar. I will try to put on a Christmas hat, play reggae Christmas music and make a tropical drink here that day. This way I will be with you guys in spirit. Have a good time.
    Karin and Jim.

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    OK - we have 25 days before we return home - almost single digit - suitcase still in attic - nothing togther at all - been really busy trying to get ready for Christmas and Thanksgiving. Hopefully, this weekend I can get all that done, so we can start getting ready for vacation. Right about now, I sure could use one of those great messages. Looking forward to seeing everyone and relaxing

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    Okay, okay, okay!! It's getting closer for our hatters meet-up. It looks like its going to be a good one this year too. If there is anyone that is reading about our party and has never been, grab you a Christmas hat ( or not ) and join in. It is a lot of fun, laughing and catching up with old friends and new ones. Can't wait to see what Melody has on her head!!
    Oh, and by the way, Larry, we are so looking forward to seeing your new trunks.

    Christmas Hatters meet-up: Wednesday, Dec. 12th @ 1:30 p.m.
    At the swim-up bar!! See you there

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