I want to start off by saying I could not have picked a more beautiful resort for my wedding. We both fell in love with CTI when we arrived at the resort and wish we could have stayed much longer than the 8 days. We used Diana Campbell www.digitalmemoriescollection.com and I'm so happy we did. Diana and her son Richard did an amazing job with the pictures and definitely exceeded all expectations i had.

We met with Latoya the day after we arrived, and spent about 10 minutes total choosing flowers, location, etc. We did the one love package because we felt we didn't need the extras. We spent more time figuring out what we wanted to eat the following morning for our breakfast in bed than anything else.

The day of the wedding I had a hair appointment at 9am and i had booked a hr long bamboo massage for Mike. I forgot the picture of my hairstyle in the hotel room but Tracia did a great job at getting the vision I had in my head. Diana and Richard met me at the spa at 9am and took numerous pictures of me getting ready. From there, we went back to my room where I did my makeup and waited for Mike to get back from his massage, change, and meet Latoya so I could get changed. Diana helped me with my dress and from there we met Latoya downstairs. Latoya walked me about 1/2 way down and then I went down the stairs onto the beach to meet Mike. The ceremony lasted about 15 minutes and was just absolutely beautiful. We then went into the garden area for the signing of the marriage document and the cutting of the cake. We had the vanilla cake and it was one of the best cakes we have ever tasted.

We then went around the resort with Diana and Richard for several hours taking pictures. I felt so comfortable with them and enjoyed spending time with them. They stayed with us until about 1. If anybody has any questions regarding Diana Campbell, please ask. I highly recommend her and her son. She was very professional from the first time i spoke with her on the phone and went above and beyond by working with our budget. She brought our pictures and dvd to the hotel on Monday so we would have them to bring home with us on Tuesday.

After pictures were done, we spent some time in the room and then returned to the sun. That night we had the private dinner on the island. The food was amazing, probably the best we had the whole time at the resort. They had a resort photographer take some pictures of us after dinner since we were able to choose a picture to be framed as part of the private dinner package. My hair from earlier in the morning somehow lasted until our dinner which I was very surprised about. When we returned to the room, the bed had flower petals all over it which looked beautiful and the remainder of the cake had been brought up into the room.

The day after our wedding we had a ziplining excursion booked with Chukka Cove. I am deathly scared of heights but i went along with it since it was my wedding gift to mike. It wasn't as bad as I thought, and ended up being fun, but not totally worth the price for it.

CTI definitely made my dream wedding happen. The only thing i wish was done differently was me remembering to untie my bathing suit top to avoid my tan/burn lines from showing up. We're already trying to come up with money for a return trip for next year.

I attached a link to my pictures. Let me know if you have any issues accessing it. Hope you guys enjoy!!