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    Default Vegetarian options at the restaurants - CTI?

    My husband and I are heading to CTI in a week!! We were already excited but reading this forum has only made us more excited! We are both vegetarian (no seafood) and are wondering if we will be able to find an option for us at all of the restaurants? Would like to know beforehand if possible so that we can make reservations accordingly right when we check in. Thanks a bunch!

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    We were at CTI this past September, and while I am not a strict vegetarian, it's usually my first choice if I have a good option. You will not have a problem at CTI...all of the sit-down restaurants always had a vegi entree (Eight Rivers' was especially good; at Bayside you could have tofu or just skip the protein) and there were plenty of non-meat choices at Patios buffet as well. Best of all was the Veggie Bar--if it would have been open for all three meals I would have been perfectly happy eating there exclusively. Enjoy!

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    I'm not commenting from experience, but because I'm also curious. I'm a strict vegetarian and we're 95% set on booking CTI for our 1 year anniversary in September. We celebrated our Honeymoon at CSA and I could NOT get over all the amazing vegetarian options. My husband, who is omni, and I ate at SeaGrapes (the veggie restaurant) every single day for lunch. Best food EVER! All three (or four or five) meals were fantastic, no matter where we ate. I would always let the server know that I was a strict ovo-lacto veggie (no seafood, no animal derived broths...etc...) and was very impressed when one night the server came back and said "the chef said you cannot have that. It has oyster sauce in it" I LOVE that they look out for us veggies at Couples resorts. CTI also has the veggie bar, which has vegetarian and limited seafood options. Can't wait to hear what other people have to say about your post!!

    Cheers to fellow veggies!

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