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    Default We're here CSA!!! and we forgot ziplocks :(

    Just in case I'm not the only one surfing the web while in paradise, I packed the large ziplocks that can fit a small child in them, but i forgot the standard sandwhich bag ones so I can put my phone it on the beach. Luckly I have an outer box on it now which helped since I dropped it in the sand twice today . Can anyone donate one or two small bags to us I do have several bendable straws to offer in exchange .

    Next topic is there a local grocery store I can get the misses some liquid coffee creamer at?

    Thank you guys,

    PS. we did the CSA abs class tonight.... ouch!!

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    I put the the phone in the safe while on vacation

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    Wish I could we've had a child issue at home so have to keep it on me.

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