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    Default What does "Resort Casual Attire" mean?

    Since we have received dozens of questions asking to define "Resort Casual Attire", here are a few appropriate definitions - from Google:

    1. Resort casual normally refers to polo style shirts, sundresses, linen pants, skorts, skirts, button up tops, nice shorts, and dresses. Nothing fancy, but not just t-shirts and jeans either. Do not wear cutoffs and tank tops for sure!

    2. Resort casual attire is exactly as it sounds - clothing you would be wearing at a resort. This clothing should usually include something such as a nice khaki pant or shorts with a crisp, clean top.

    3. Women's Clothing
    Women have several options when dressing to fit the resort casual dress code. A clean and pressed blouse can be paired with a nice pair of pants or a skirt. Neutrals such as black, gray, navy, brown and khaki are the most acceptable colors for pants. Skirts should be no higher than knee-length. Bold colors and prints are fine as long as they coordinate nicely with the rest of the ensemble. A casual dress or sundress is also a popular choice, as long as the dress is tasteful--not too short or low-cut.
    Men's Clothing
    Men should wear a clean and pressed button-down shirt or a nice polo shirt. Paired with khakis or other quality pants, this creates a classic resort casual look. Light- and bold-colored shirts are acceptable as are subtle patterns. Jackets and sport coats are not needed.

    4. Dear Dr. Dave and Dr. Dee,

    We have been invited to a resort on Bermuda for some business meetings. There are several dinners and the dress code states: "Resort Casual" and "Dressy Resort Casual." Can you define and give examples of what my husband and I should wear?


    No Fashion Sense

    Dear No Fashion Sense,

    Invitations with the term, "resort," indicate attire that is a cut above very casual clothes. So, avoid jeans, flip flops, camisoles, t-shirts, and short shorts or very short skirts.

    Resort wear appropriate for men and women are "country club" type clothing. Since the invitation is for dinner, then evening resort attire for men would be nice slacks, polo shirts, button down shirts, nice shoes or sandals, with the option of wearing a sport coat. For women: nice pants, skorts, skirts, nice top, casual dress, sundress, nice sandals or casual shoes. The length of the skirt or dress is knee length or longer.

    Daytime resort attire includes the same clothing suggestions as evening resort plus nice shorts can be worn as well.

    Couples Resorts

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    Do "closed shoes" next. :-p

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    Now I am confused, I thought I've read in many posts and on TA that people go to Palms/Patois in t's and shorts. On the Couples site it states a beach cover up style wear is even fine...Isn't the above considered elegant casual minus the closed shoes?



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    jaredh yes shorts and nicer shirts with sandals are fine for the guys (and gals) at Palms and Patois. That is what most will wear. Ladies wear sundresses etc.. and any type of sandal. This is for dinner attire.

    Lunch attire is just a cover up over your bathing suit and some flip flops.

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    The beach coverups and t-shirts are allowed for breakfast and lunch only at these 2 restaurants. For dinner time you should have removed the bathing suits and switched to evening attire. Palms and Patois will serve men with nice shorts and collared shirts (golf, buttoned, or tropical, etc). They will also serve men wearing nicer sandals (though I always wear lighter shoes) in the evening but I would think flip flops are for the daytime only. I figure that other than the beach party out on the sand, when I go out for dinner I want to look and feel the part of being on a resort with others who feel the same. I always wear light weight slacks, closed shoes, and a tropical or golf shirts. This is one of the things that sets being at a top resort apart from renting a shack or cut rate hotel on the beach so I enjoy looking and feeling the part. Respect is what it is all about. Respect for the staff, other guests, and of course yourself.

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    Approriate attire changes with time of day and meal being served. Breakfast and lunch do not require "Resort Casual", these are much more casual and swim wear with cover ups or tee shirts is acceptable (no bare feet at any meal other than the Cabana grill or Seagrapes). Dinner is when the resort casual code comes into affect. All this information is available on the web site.

    Closed toe shoes means just that. Toes should not be visible or exposed (athletic shoes are not acceptable). I wear Sperry top siders.


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    Tshirts and shorts are ok for lunch at the palms. Randy is talking about dinner. I always wear a cover-up or t-shirts and shorts during lunch at the Palms.

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