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    Default Couples Sans Souci Sunset Beach?

    We are thinking of going to CSS in September and have been to other nude resorts and have no problem being nude, but just wondering is it strict that it is totally Nude or is it clothing optional at the Sunset Beach area & pool? I hate to admit it, but we also enjoy having well placed tan lines.

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    TOTALLY nude only.......
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    It is not optional. When you arrive at sunset beach you can find a place to lounge and then you must disrobe. The guard on duty will make sure you do. Friends of ours went over to the beach and one decided to hang out (no pun intended) on the beach where hardly anyone goes, under the umbrella, where there was more privacy. Most people stay around the pool and swim up bar. That's where the other one stayed. FYI, the woman stayed on the beach and the guy stayed at the pool!
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    Sunset Beach is nude only... walk into the beach area, find your spot and then get naked. If you want to remain with suits on, then you'll need to spend your time at the main beach.

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    SSB is not clothing optional. It is strictly a nude area, aside from the occasional towel wrap during lunch, etc.

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    SSB is not clothing optional, but strictly AN. There is a section on this website for discussing the AN option. On the main page just page down, it is at the bottom of the forum.

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    Sorry no tan lines allowed


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    Totally nude, and enforced at SSB. If you want tan lines, you can easily switch between the regular beach and Sunset Beach.
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    Nude only

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