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    Default CSS In-Room Dinig Menu

    This is from January 2012:

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    Yep, exact same menu they have had since 2010. They had changed it from the 2008-09 menu.
    Note: When ordering nachos, getting guacamole is very hit or miss. We got it maybe 2 out of 6 orders.

    A lot of times we would go down to the beach grill and have them wrap up our food to take back to the room.
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    Marlin quesadillas sound quite tasty as does the snapper. Did you have them? Any recommendations? Gooing in 2 weeks. Thanks for whetting the appetite!

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    our favorites
    Cookies and milk
    Cheese plate- we always ask for more cheese and crackers and less fruit
    We also ate the marlin quesidillas
    and the ceasar salad and gazpacho (spicy but good!)

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    Over the past three years (2010, 2011, 2012), that has been the In-Room menu. We have tried the following:
    Middle Eastern Sampler (hummus was great)
    Club Sandwich
    Nachos (same comment about the guacamole - sometimes you get it and sometimes you dont)
    Meat lovers Pizza (ask for extra cheese and tomatoes)
    Veggie Pizza
    Tropical fruit plate (every time the assortment of fruit and cheeses varies - I guess it just depends on who makes the plate and what is "nearby" at the time they make it as they do LOTS of these everyday as "welcome plates", breakfast, etc.)

    All were good.

    However, we also have "taken out" from the Beach Grill (especially fish sandwich and meat patties) and that was even better!
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